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Steuben County Board Greenlights Revised Campground Rates

Steuben County Board of Commissioners has approved a new fee schedule for the campground at Steuben County Park. 

The revised rates come after thorough discussions by the commissioners, with a slight change in the discount offered to Steuben County residents, the Herald Republican reported

The seasonal campground rate will see an increase from the current $2,800 to $3,245 a year. This adjustment is part of a broader strategy to enhance the park’s amenities and services.

Commissioner Ken Shelton highlighted the potential benefits of the rate increase, noting that the previous rates limited the park’s ability to make necessary improvements. The additional revenue is expected to fund enhancements that could significantly boost the park’s appeal and functionality.

The new fee structure also includes charges for dock usage. Campers wishing to install their own docks at the campground will be charged $400 annually, while those using the new docks installed by the county will pay $500 per season. Non-campers seeking dock space, subject to availability, will face a fee of $1,500 per season.

Addressing the infrastructure upgrades, the county is in the process of installing a new dock system to accommodate the park’s needs. The docks, sourced locally, represent a $106,000 investment, signaling the county’s commitment to upgrading its recreational facilities.

Security at the campground also emerged as a key issue. To mitigate disturbances caused by non-camping visitors, particularly at night, the commissioners considered installing an electronic gate at the campground’s entrance. This measure aims to enhance security and ensure a peaceful environment for campers.

The approval of the new rates and the discussion of improvements reflect Steuben County’s dedication to enhancing its outdoor recreation industry. By investing in better facilities and addressing community concerns, the county is poised to offer a more attractive and accessible outdoor experience. This move not only benefits the local community but also positions Steuben County as a desirable destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

The Steuben County Board of Commissioners’ decision to revise campground rates is a strategic step towards upgrading the county’s outdoor recreational facilities. This initiative is expected to enrich the camping experience, boost local tourism, and contribute positively to the outdoor hospitality industry in Steuben County.

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Sarah Bell
Sarah Bell
February 13, 2024 7:46 pm

I am concerned that the rate increase won’t make camping unaffordable for residents. It’s vital that the extra revenue is used for visible improvements and that security measures are implemented responsibly to create a safe and welcoming environment for everyone.

Olive Grove
Olive Grove
April 11, 2024 5:48 pm

Did you hear about the cool changes happening at Steuben County Park? They’re revamping the campground rates and adding educational workshops and nature programs. Sounds like a great way to enhance our park experience!


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