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Pico MES: Transforming American Manufacturing with Digital Solutions

In the wake of a significant $12.3 million Series A investment championed by Bosch Ventures, Pico MES emerges as a beacon of innovation for small to medium-sized manufacturers across America. 

This no-code, IoT platform is not just another digital tool; it’s a transformative solution designed to create a digital twin of assembly processes, seamlessly integrating with a plethora of factory tools.

The primary objective is to supercharge the efficiency and output of the American supply base. In a country where a staggering 98% of factories operate with a workforce of 500 or fewer, the need for enhanced productivity is palpable, according to a press release.

Pico MES rises to this challenge, offering manufacturers a lifeline to navigate the current labor challenges, especially when producing advanced products.

Enter MORryde, an RV industry supplier based in Elkhart, Indiana. Their journey with Pico MES is a testament to the platform’s prowess. Initially adopted to bolster quality control during driveline installations on motor homes, the software’s value was immediately evident. 

The result? An expansion of the software into their general assembly department, digitizing over 1,000 part numbers.

Within a mere 18 months of integrating Pico MES, MORryde witnessed a transformation: over 500 complex assembly processes shifted from paper to digital, production output soared by 50%, and an impressive 2,400 chassis were manufactured sans any quality concerns. 

The integration between Pico MES and their ERP system was seamless, ensuring 100% backward traceability in all assembly areas where the software was implemented.

“Pico MES has been easy to adopt across our assembly area – it serves as a guide in the background, providing incremental productivity gains that culminate into larger efficiency gains. We now ask the question: Where else can we use Pico MES to capture value?” said Greg Whitt, a process improvement engineer at MORryde.

The brainchild of Ryan Kuhlenbeck, formerly associated with giants like Tesla and General Motors, Pico MES was birthed in 2019. Recognizing a gap in the market, Kuhlenbeck realized that most manufacturing tech catered to large-scale enterprise operations. 

Pico MES, however, breaks this mold, facilitating digital transformation tailored for small to mid-sized factories.

“When many people imagine a smart factory, they envision something complicated and expensive. Pico MES changes this narrative, helping factories measure and improve productivity. In a tight labor market, it’s imperative to provide solutions that the average factory worker can easily use. This is the cornerstone for the resurgence of American manufacturing,” said Kuhlenbeck.

In essence, Pico MES bridges the gap between tools, machines, and the people who operate them. It’s not just about digitizing assembly lines; it’s about revolutionizing them. Since its inception, the platform has integrated 10,000 processes into digital data streams from over 700 workstations, connecting over 1,900 devices.

Chris Stager, president and CEO of the Economic Development Corporation of Elkhart County, sums it up, “American manufacturers need better digital tools to gain a competitive edge. These transformative technologies will empower Indiana manufacturers and others across the US to stay competitive and thrive.”

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Michael Smith
Michael Smith
February 16, 2024 11:11 am

The impact of Picco MES was evident right away when it was first used to improve quality control in motor home driveline installations. It’s striking to see how MORryde, an RV industry supplier, achieved a 50% increase in production output within 18 months of integrating Picco MES. This digital solution offers real-time production monitoring and reporting, facilitating data-driven decisions for continuous improvement. Its adaptable and user-friendly interface make it a valuable tool for diverse manufacturing environments.


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