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News for December 2, 2023

Indiana Campground Recovers After Being Vandalized

The Terre Haute Campgrounds in Wabash Valley, Indiana was restructured in 2019. The new management team has worked hard to make this campground family-friendly and fun. They are now a little discouraged by a recent incident that has made it difficult to expand, a report said.

The Terre Haute Campgrounds‘ pool is very popular during the summer heat. They discovered that their bathroom and pool had been damaged by someone in August’s last week.

“We haven’t had this happen at any of our other campsites. Now we are asking what’s going on and why it is happening,” Chet Kiefer (President of the Terre Haute Campgrounds) said.

Keifer stated that the person responsible threw bikes into the pool, breaking bathroom stalls. The lining was damaged by one of the bikes that were thrown into the pool.

Keifer stated that there is a possibility of $10-15,000 in damage right now. He explained that they will have to take the lining up and redo the bottom of the pool before reworking everything.

The pool’s hole is allowing water to leak out, lifting the lining. The campground must continue to refill the pool with water in order to keep it open.

Keifer and his crew are still working to expand the Terre Haute campground. However, this setback has been frustrating.

“We are trying to do things that make the campgrounds more enjoyable for everyone. We are looking to expand and do things. Then this happens. It’s only setting us back, and it puts money where it shouldn’t be.”

Cameras were installed at the campground. However, when Keifer and his team tried to review footage, the camera system started acting up. Keifer and his crew are currently trying to find footage that faces the pool and the surrounding areas. He says that he will give it to the police once he has found it.


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