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News for March 28, 2023

Goshen to See 10 to 15 Inches of Snow


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Trucks and snowplows that disperse road treatment were prepared Tuesday in anticipation of ten to 15 inches of snow that will fall on Wednesday and Thursday across Goshen (Indiana).

According to a report, on Tuesday afternoon, Goshen street workers had finished preparing their vehicles for the weather. Elkhart County road crews had completed preparations after starting the process on Monday.

A prolonged weather event of 36 to 48 hours has arrived at the Goshen area, according to the National Weather Service of Northern Indiana.

NWS Meteorologist Mark Frazier said that the rain, which started moving towards Lake Michigan and northern Indiana Tuesday, was set to change to a mix of snow and rain before turning to snow.

“We expect that snow to continue through the day Wednesday,” Frazier said.

After a break on Wednesday evening, Frazier said the area is likely to see additional snowfall Wednesday night through Thursday morning, at which point it is expected to ease off. An average of between 10 to 15 inches of snow is expected in the Michiana region.

When it comes to traveling, Frazier advised residents to limit their driving only when necessary and to allow additional driving time to factor in for weather conditions.

“We’re looking at some strong northeast winds Thursday, and that would lead to blowing snow and reduced visibilities, and that can create challenges in driving,” Frazier said.

Goshen Community Schools Spokesperson Megan Eichorn stated that Wednesday would be an online learning day for students. However, no decision has been taken yet on Thursday or anything beyond.

“The city has asked us to ask that residents keep their sidewalks shoveled and clear,” Eichorn added.

Goshen Mayor Jeremy Stutsman posted a few reminders on the city’s Facebook page.
“Please be prepared for a heavy snow event. We need all the help we can get to reach out to those who need help.”

“If you are aware of anyone who is without shelter, we can connect and help get them to a safe place any time of the day—call the Police Department at 533-4151 for check-in or to help with transportation to a warm shelter.”

“If you have elderly neighbors, please be sure to check in on them from time to time to see if they need any help. If you have children, please do not let them play in the snow piles left by the Street Department crews; we never know when they will return to push the snow further or start on removal.”

The announcement also contained a variety of suggestions to assist street crews in this storm.

Whenever possible, do not park on the road. This will not only allow the Street Department to more fully clear the streets and parking areas, but it will also help people keep their vehicles from being blocked in by snow.

Do not throw the snow into the street when shoveling or snow blowing driveways and sidewalks.

The Street Department crew will need several passes to clear the streets during a prolonged snow event. City officials ask that people be courteous and give extra room to the plow drivers as visibility can be low during a snow storm.

The Street Department will focus first on the main arterial roads while attempting to open secondary roads (neighborhoods), alleys, and after roads are open and parking areas (mainly downtown) are last to be plowed. For those who cannot get out because their road hasn’t been plowed and there is an emergency, call 911. The appropriate people and plows will be dispatched.

Do not allow kids to play in the piles of snow left by the street department. It is unknown when a plow truck will be back to push the snow further or when loaders will arrive to remove the snow.

“If this event happens as forecasted, it may take our entire Street Department, Parks Department, and some utility crews two days to get everything opened and cleared,” the post reads.

“Final clean-up would be expected to happen on Friday, February 4. Piles of snow would not be removed until starting of the following week.”

The city’s officials also request people clean up their sidewalks. The city will handle safe routes to school and other identified paths.

People who live close to a fire hydrant are requested to assist the Fire Department by clearing the snow off the hydrant.

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