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Couple Found Dead After Severe Storms Hit Owen County Park Campground

A tragic turn of events unfolded at McCormick’s Creek State Park, Indiana on Friday night when severe storms swept through the campground, resulting in the deaths of a couple who had been camping at the park. 

Brett Kindcaid, 53, and Wendy Kencaid, 47, were discovered by conservation officers after an extensive search and rescue operation.

The powerful storm caused widespread destruction at the campground, with overturned campers and debris scattered across the grounds. 

Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) officials reported significant damage to the area, highlighting the ferocity of the storms that passed through Owen County.

In response to the devastation, Owen County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) initiated search and rescue efforts throughout Saturday, working tirelessly to locate any individuals who may have been affected by the storm. 

Teams combed through the debris-ridden campground, facing challenging conditions in their quest to ensure the safety of all visitors.

As the search progressed, it became apparent that two campers, later identified as the Kindcaids, were unaccounted for. The DNR launched an additional search operation, which ultimately led to the discovery of the couple’s bodies. The exact circumstances surrounding their deaths are still under investigation.

The tragic incident at McCormick’s Creek State Park has sent shockwaves through the local community, as well as the wider camping and outdoor recreation industry.

In the wake of the storm, campground owners are advised to review their emergency preparedness plans and communicate clearly with visitors about potential weather-related hazards. While it is impossible to predict every outcome, a proactive approach to safety can help minimize risks and protect the well-being of guests.

As the investigation into the Kindcaids’ deaths continues, McCormick’s Creek State Park remained closed on Sunday, April 2. 

As authorities continue their efforts to determine the cause of the incident, campers and outdoor enthusiasts are encouraged to remain vigilant and prioritize safety, even in the face of nature’s unpredictable forces.


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