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Alliance RV and RV Technical Institute: A Partnership Driving Excellence in the RV Industry

In a significant development for the recreational vehicle (RV) industry, Alliance RV, a leading RV manufacturer, recently undertook a training session facilitated by the RV Technical Institute (RVTI). 

The training took place at the Institute’s headquarters in Elkhart, Indiana, and is part of a comprehensive, hands-on program designed by industry experts. The program stands as the sole industry-endorsed training curriculum and certification pathway for RV technicians, setting a high standard in the field.

The training session delved into various RV systems and the pre-delivery inspection process, a critical component of Alliance RV’s mission. The company is steadfast in its commitment to crafting high-quality products and delivering exceptional customer service. 

The training aimed to deepen the team’s understanding of the pre-delivery inspection process, thereby enhancing their auditing capabilities and ultimately, the RV ownership experience, as per the News & Insights report of the RV Industry Association.

Alliance RV places a premium on the expansion of its knowledge base, viewing training as a vital means to this end. The session with RVTI was seen as a positive stride in this direction. 

The Institute’s training underscored the importance of the RV’s key features and systems to the Alliance RV staff, equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure product quality.

The Alliance RV team expressed appreciation for the training session and intends to have more staff attend future sessions. The RV Technical Institute, in turn, anticipates future training sessions with the Alliance RV team, as they aim to assist the company in achieving its goal of enhancing the RV ownership experience. 

This mutual commitment to ongoing learning and improvement underscores the dedication of both organizations to the RV industry.

The Institute offers a diverse range of programs and activities, including curriculum development, train-the-trainer programs, and leadership training

These offerings aim to provide comprehensive and current training to RV technicians, ensuring they are equipped with the latest industry knowledge and skills. The Institute’s commitment to quality training is evident in their efforts to broaden access to their programs.

One such effort is the planned All-Female Technical Class, set to go nationwide in 2023 in partnership with the RV Women’s Alliance. This initiative seeks to boost the representation of women in the RV industry, particularly in technical roles, marking a significant step towards fostering diversity and inclusion in the industry.

The RV industry offers a plethora of career opportunities, particularly for technicians. These roles are in high demand, offering competitive wages commensurate with experience. 

The RV industry, which has thrived especially during the pandemic, has seen an uptick in demand for RV technicians, making it a promising career path for those interested in the industry.

Becoming a certified RV Service Technician is an accessible career path that can be achieved in less than 12 weeks post-high school. This swift entry into the workforce, coupled with the potential for competitive wages, makes it an appealing option for those interested in the RV industry.


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