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Togo Group Welcomes Campground App to Its Family of Digital Travel Products

Togo Group on August 4 announced that it has added Campendium to its family of digital brands.

Campendium, an application that allows users to search for, preview, and gives feedback on more than 32,000 private and public camping locations have been acquired by a leading tech platform for road travel and outdoor experiences.

The web-and-mobile application is crowd-sourced and editorially curated. It allows users to search for, preview, and give feedback on more than 32,000 private and public camping locations in the United States, Canada, and Baja Mexico. Campendium’s website and app traffic have grown by 59% over the past 12 months. There has been a 58.5% rise in net-new users during the same time period.

Togo Group CEO Danny Hest calls the app the best resource for RVers looking for places to camp. He said that Campendium has a wealth of information that is both unique and rapidly growing. It can help you find campgrounds on public land or in established campgrounds. This knowledge is used by millions of RVers.

“It will significantly advance our mission to provide RVers and road trippers with end-to-end trip discovery and planning tools — including finding accommodations — that allow them to fully enjoy their journey. We look forward to applying our experience, scale, and tools to help Campendium further develop its product, enhance the user experience, and grow the platform’s reach,” Hest added.

Campendium will soon become accessible via Togo Group’s Roadpass program as part of this growth effort. This single login profile gives users access to all Togo Group travel tools.

The founders of the website that was launched in 2015, Brian Easterling and Leigh Wetzel, will remain with Campendium to support its continued growth.

Leigh Wetzel stated, “Helping people find great places to camp was our passion for six years.” She also said that Togo’s “depth of resources and talent” will help Campendium realize its full potential. 

 “Joining the Togo Group family with its depth of resources and talent is the best way for Campendium to reach its full potential, further improve the experience for our community, and deepen the brand’s commitment to the conservation of public lands,” Wetzel said.

Togo Group also owns Roadtrippers, which is a trip-planning app that allows users to connect across map apps for seamless navigation and identify and save destinations. Togo RV is also an app designed to keep RV owners inspired and organized. RVillage, the largest social network for RV owners and enthusiasts.

About Togo Group

Togo Group is a joint venture between THOR Industries Limited and Tourism Holdings Limited. Togo Group aims to make it easier for people to enjoy, own and maintain recreational vehicles, as well as making it easier to plan, book, and navigate road trips. Togo Group has offices located in Chicago, Cincinnati, and Auckland. Togo Group, its Campendium Roadtrippers, RVillage, and Togo RV products can be found at togogroup.io.

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Kenneth Jackson
Kenneth Jackson
March 20, 2024 5:32 pm

Isn’t it cool that Campendium is now part of Togo Group’s lineup? RVers like us can now easily find awesome campsites thanks to this seamless integration. It’s like a dream come true – a one-stop-shop for all our travel needs. Let’s hit the road with this unified travel tool experience and explore new horizons like never before!


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