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Tin Cup RV Park Envisions to Add Solar Farm, Chicken Coop, and More

In Mahomet (Illinois), Tin Cup RV Park just added a laundromat for guests and residents. Currently, the park is adding RV pads, upgrading electric infrastructure, and is planning to winterize its pipes to accommodate guests year-round. Beyond these projects, however, owner Quentin McNew plans to expand the park’s offerings to include unique additions that blend luxury with sustainability.

A solar farm, a testament to the park’s commitment to green energy, is one of the additions planned for the RV park in the coming years. This initiative not only reduces the park’s carbon footprint but also aligns with global efforts to promote renewable energy.

The solar farm is just the tip of the iceberg. According to The News-Gazette, the park also plans to set up an aquaponics greenhouse, a commitment to eco-friendly farming practices. This system, which combines aquaculture with hydroponics, ensures efficient farming, providing guests with fresh produce during their stay. The benefits of this system are twofold: it promotes sustainable farming while offering visitors a farm-to-table experience.

Adding to the organic offerings planned for Tin Cup is an onsite chicken coop. This feature ensures that guests have access to fresh eggs, enhancing their culinary experience. The emphasis on organic and farm-to-table offerings resonates with the global shift towards sustainable and healthy living, ensuring visitors enjoy a wholesome experience.

As for accommodations, McNew envisions tiny homes that look like log cabins on the 86-acre property—introducing unique structures to the park such as a tree house and a geodesic dome.

Admittedly, the park owner sees the plans as a huge leap. “The community stuff and the self-sustaining village will be cool to see, but it’s a three-to-five-year thing. It’s hard to be patient,” he said.

However, he also believes that “it’s a vision that’s worth taking punches over and going for. It’s going to be challenging, and that keeps it fun.”

The trend is clear. RV parks worldwide are recognizing the importance of sustainability. Fresh eggs for guests, farm-to-table offerings, and organic produce are becoming more popular. These offerings not only enhance the guest experience but also promote organic farming and sustainable practices.

With the planned park additions at Tin Cup RV Park, the park is poised to longer be just a recreational space but also a hub of innovation, leading the charge in sustainable tourism.

Featured image from Tin Cup RV Park.


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