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Rivers Edge Resort Campground Damaged Due to Extreme Weather

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The Rivers Edge Resort Campground (Illinois) has been hit by severe weather Saturday night. Fortunately, the campground is off-season.

As per a report, the gates were temporarily opened to allow people to check the destruction caused to their property.

Except for a couple of debris clean-ups from the storm on Saturday night, everything seems quiet around Rivers Edge Resort Campground in Lyndon.

The intense storm ripped down several trees on the campsite, causing damage to or even destroying some trailers.

“Unbelievable. It’s quite amazing that it took so many trees out. Actually rolled a new trailer out into the field down here. I haven’t even been down to see all the damage down here yet. But, it was extreme whatever it was,” said Larry Schettler.

Larry Schettler owns a trailer at the campground and has been a part of Rivers Edge for nearly 50 years.

Schettler’s trailer is not destroyed; however, there’s plenty of cleaning to be done.

“There’s a tree laying on it, and one went through the window. Another one went through the backside and just damaged the shed and so on. But my neighbor there, every tree along the bank there was laying in his yard,” Schettler said.

Apart from fallen trees and limbs from trailers and other debris scattered around, Two camping trailers were also flipped over by the wind, with one trailer appearing to have rolled several times.

As the temperatures warm up and with the campground ready to open for the season, work is expected to be cut out for campers.

“It’s gonna be a lot of work straightening this out because it’s quite a bit of damage,” Schettler said.

This story originally appeared on TV6.

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