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Idaho RV Parks Full, Some Campers Facing Homelessness Move Into Vehicles

Nanette Wilson lived inside her car for more than a year until she found a home to stay. Her home in Idaho‘s Boise City was destroyed, and she had no place to go until she had enough to buy an RV, a report said.

She moved to the Boise Riverside RV Park in Garden City in 2019 and was hired there as a front desk clerk.

After moving to The RV Park, Wilson admitted that she occasionally looks at the apartment listings within the city. However, it is way too expensive for her. She is a single woman living by herself, and she says she is finally feeling secure in her RV park.

Wilson’s struggle to find a home is not uncommon in the Treasure Valley. As rents and housing prices rise, more and more people are resorting to shifting into their cars or RVs. However, RV parks are full, and a lot of them aren’t offering long-term leases.

The “2021 Point-in Time-Count” (January 27th) of Idaho Finance and Housing Association revealed that 557 homeless people resided in Region 3, which comprises Ada and Canyon counties. 321 were living in vehicles.

Wilson claimed she had seen more people in their RVs who are searching for permanent parking spots.

The Boise Riverside RV Park has received 200 applications from those who want to stay there.

Mike Dittenber wants to help. The executive director of Caldwell Housing Authority is committed to providing housing for all residents of the community.

Now, he is planning to open an affordable RV park in which people with low incomes living in RVs can stay for a long time.

The Planning and Zoning Commission approved the RV park. Dittenber is working on adding 219 RV spaces at Farmway Village.

Caldwell Housing Authority is connected to water and sewer services in the city. Dittenber plans to install bathrooms and showers for the campers. The housing authority could also permit the residents to connect to hookups for a charge.

Its RV park is in the process of designing. However, once it is approved, Dittenber expects to “move some dirt around” in the coming month. The plans are to open the park in October 2022.

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Lisa Rivera
Lisa Rivera
April 10, 2024 6:23 pm

Isn’t it interesting how Idaho is tackling housing challenges with affordable RV parks? The community’s unity in finding solutions warms my heart. Let’s keep supporting those in need together!


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