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Ada County Approves Proposal for New 310-Space RV Resort

Ada County, Idaho has given the green light to a new RV resort project aimed at meeting the growing demand for RV park spaces in the Treasure Valley, according to a report by Boise Dev.

On Tuesday, the Ada County Commissioners voted unanimously to approve a proposal from company Griffin Marketing to construct the 310-space Ridgeview RV Resort at 7680 Vallejo Road, near the southern end of Cole Road. 

The 40-acre property, which was previously home to the Black Dog Clays shooting range, sparked heated debates and testimony from nearby residents and the developer during two hearings.

Despite concerns about noise, traffic, light pollution, and the potential for increased crime, proponents of the project argued it would meet a need for more RV spaces for visitors and those looking for affordable housing. 

The Ada County Planning & Zoning Commission initially denied the project, but it was later appealed to the County Commissioners. The first hearing ended with the Commissioners requesting the developer to return with a plan for landscaping, lighting, and signage in the area. In contrast, the second hearing focused on the changes.

Ryan Davidson, one of the commissioners, noted the need to revisit how Ada County classifies RV parks in the future and determine if they will be commercial or residential properties. 

However, he decided not to impose any restrictions on the Ridgeview RV Resort project, hoping the owners would consider the needs of the surrounding community, especially those with limited means who are looking for a place to live in their RVs. 

Rod Beck and Tom Dayley, the other Commissioners, also cited the shortage of RV park spaces and the community benefits of adding more RV spaces as reasons for their approval.

Griffin Marketing has downgraded the original proposal of 388 spaces to 310 and pledged to clean up the lead in the area from years of shooting before constructing the park. 

The approval of the Ridgeview RV Resort project is expected to bring more RV spaces to the Treasure Valley, meeting the growing demand for RV park spaces and providing affordable housing options for RV enthusiasts and visitors.


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