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Human Connection Key to Successful Camping Business

The camping industry has seen a significant surge in recent years, with 92 million U.S. households identifying as campers. However, behind the scenes of every successful campground lies a story of vision, innovation, and most importantly, human connection.

While the allure of the great outdoors is undeniable, it’s the power of human connection that truly transforms a vision into a thriving camping business. From financing and development to the design of amenities, the human touch is evident.

For many campground entrepreneurs, the journey begins with securing financing. But beyond the numbers and interest rates, it’s the relationships built with investors and lenders that make the difference.

During a Fireside Chat in July, Adam Lendi, co-founder of Beyonder Camp, highlighted the significance of human capital in every facet of their business, as he delved into their manpower, activities, and the expansion of their operations across 5-6 states.

The development phase of a campground is where the vision starts to take shape. Engaging with the local community, understanding their needs, and fostering relationships can lead to a more integrated and successful campground.

Claire Passos, business development manager and founder of Caracol Camping, says being proactive in networking is essential, not just for visibility but also to collaborate with local suppliers to enhance the camping experience for clients. 

By understanding and integrating with the local ecosystem, business owners can offer unique experiences that set them apart, she elaborated. After all, knowing and collaborating with those around you is fundamental in the hospitality industry.

“You’ve gotta be out there partnering and networking and doing it all,” Passos advised. “Even if only to meet local suppliers such as vineyards or, people that produce things so that you can offer your clients an experience. You need to know everybody around you, don’t you?”

Meanwhile, the amenities of a campground, from the site layouts to communal spaces, significantly influence the overall experience. To achieve this vision, it’s essential to collaborate with designers and manufacturers who can materialize your aspirations, guaranteeing that campers enjoy a truly immersive experience.

While there aren’t many sources that emphasize the power of human connection in the camping industry, the evidence is clear in the stories of those who have turned their visions into reality. At its core, the camping business is about bringing people together through shared experiences, financial partnerships, or community engagement.

As the camping industry continues to grow, it’s evident that the businesses that prioritize human connection will not only thrive but also redefine what it means to provide outdoor hospitality.


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