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Harvest Hosts Survey Says Program Boosts Revenue at Small Businesses, Traditional Campgrounds

According to a recent survey of Harvest Hosts, a membership program offering unique overnight stays for RVers, 63% of respondents sleep in parking lots less often as a result of being a member.

Moreover, 23% of Harvest Hosts members report using their RVs more frequently yearly since joining the program. Members are going on multiple trips each year, and during those trips, they’re staying at a mix of Harvest Hosts locations as well as traditional campgrounds, noted the company’s recent press release.

Since Harvest Hosts locations offer boondocking for 24 hours, pieces of information gathered show that members are more likely to spend additional nights in campgrounds before and after visiting small businesses in the Harvest Hosts network. 

Photo courtesy of Harvest Hosts

“Our stay at Belle Marie [a Harvest Hosts location] was a one-night stay between week-long campground stays for us,” says Steve and Sigrid, members of Harvest Hosts. “We very much enjoyed many of the wines at Belle Marie.”

RV ownership and rentals are reaching record levels as well with the RVIA reporting over 72 million Americans planning to go RVing this year. As they set out on the open road, the more options there are to stay overnight in their RVs, the better.

Campgrounds and Harvest Hosts locations allow RVers to commune with the outdoors, connect with fellow road travelers, support small businesses, and take in some incredible views. Both options are actively helping RVers avoid spending the night in a public parking lot. With Harvest Hosts and traditional campgrounds as options, RVers are doing more of what road trips are intended to do – explore the country, not just park in it.

“As 2022 is going to be yet another record year for RVing, road trippers are looking for amazing things to do and see. For most, this doesn’t include seeing the parking lots of America,” says Joel Holland, CEO of Harvest Hosts. “We’re finding most of our members are going on more trips per year since joining the Harvest Hosts program, leading to more total bookings that help support small businesses and traditional campgrounds overall.” 

The RV industry is bracing for another busy summer for road travel. Harvest Hosts locations complement traditional campgrounds across America to provide RVers with an incredible overnight experience no matter where the road takes them. This year, Harvest Hosts members will spend over $40M directly with the small businesses and communities they visit, and the company does not take any cut of that additional revenue. 

For more info, visit https://harvesthosts.com/.

About Harvest Hosts

Harvest Hosts is a membership club for RVers offering unique overnight stays at over 6,000 locations all over North America – including more than 3,200 farms, wineries, breweries, distilleries, golf courses, churches, museums, and other scenic small businesses in addition to 2,900 Boondockers Welcome community host locations. The company’s mission is to help millions of people live happier lives through road travel, while supporting wonderful small businesses and communities along the way. To learn more, visit: www.harvesthosts.com.

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March 16, 2024 11:34 pm

Isn’t it wild how Harvest Hosts’ success has sparked a craze for quirky vineyards and charming farms to sign up? So, why stick to dull parking lots when you can opt for a vineyard oasis or farmyard adventure on your next RV trip? 🍇🚜

April 18, 2024 6:41 am
Reply to  coolcat1234

Parking lots are so last season when you can soak up the charm of a vineyard or revel in the wonders of a farm during your next RV journey. Why settle for less?

May 5, 2024 3:48 am
Reply to  JoyfulSoul873

Yeah, exploring vineyards and farms sure beats parking lots any day! I recently discovered how these unique spots can boost revenue for small businesses and traditional campgrounds. It’s a win-win for both visitors and hosts, creating a more vibrant and engaging experience overall.


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