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Harvest Hosts, Airstream Club International Collaboration to Improve RV Camping Experience

Harvest Hosts, a membership program for RV enthusiasts, has announced a collaboration with Airstream Club International (ACI) to enhance ACI’s Courtesy Parking Program. This collaboration aims to offer RVers an improved camping experience.

According to a press release, the collaboration will be coined “Airstream Club International Courtesy Parking Powered by Harvest Hosts”.

Harvest Hosts offers unique camping experiences at non-traditional locations such as wineries, farms, and museums. This approach supports local businesses and attractions. Members enjoy exclusive activities like wine tastings, berry picking, and museum tours, providing a memorable alternative to conventional campground stays.

Starting in August, ACI Hosts will be featured on the Harvest Hosts map, providing Courtesy Parking Club members with advanced features like detailed host profiles, contactless booking, and route planning tools. This integration means that members of both organizations can access a combined map of Harvest Hosts and Courtesy Parking locations through a single login, streamlining the planning process for their travels.

“We are delighted to bring the Courtesy Parking Program to Harvest Hosts. This partnership allows Airstream Club International members to get an elevated user experience as they rely on the Club’s network to travel the country,” Bill Zhang, CMO at Harvest Hosts, said in the release.

Joining the Airstream Club opens access to over 900 Courtesy Parking locations at no additional cost. These spots are located on private properties, allowing members to participate in Airstream Club rallies, and events, and enjoy various discounts and perks tailored to the Airstream lifestyle. 

“We’re happy to begin the future of the Courtesy Parking Program with Harvest Hosts. The technological improvements that Harvest Hosts can provide are just what the Courtesy Parking program needs to become easier to use,” Eric McHenry, International President of Airstream Club International, said in the same press release.

Additionally, ACI members are offered a discount to join Harvest Hosts, expanding their camping options by more than 5,000 locations.

This partnership between Harvest Hosts and Airstream Club International represents a step forward in enhancing the RV camping experience. For more information about Harvest Hosts, click here.

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