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Grounded RVs Introduces Futuristic Aerodynamic Towable Camper Trailer

American start-up Grounded RVs is set to revolutionize the camper trailer industry with its futuristic Aerodynamic Towable model. 

The sleek, lightweight trailer is designed for those seeking an adventurous and eye-catching towable that offers both style and functionality, according to a report by Caravan Camping Sales.

Photo courtesy of Grounded RVs.

Aerodynamic Design and Expandable Roof

The Grounded RVs Aerodynamic Towable is a groundbreaking camper trailer that features a unique aerodynamic design to reduce wind resistance while towing. 

The roof contracts into an aero mode when towed and expands to a 6.5-foot standing height when camped out. This design innovation provides improved fuel efficiency and ease of towing for adventurers on the go.

Photo courtesy of Grounded RVs.

Customizable Modular Interior and Advanced Materials

The interior of the Aerodynamic Towable boasts a modular design that allows buyers to customize their layout without the need for an expensive custom build-out. With a wide range of furniture components, buyers have the flexibility to create limitless layouts tailored to their needs. 

The camper trailer is equipped with a queen-sized bed, bench seating with a pull-out table, a kitchen featuring a fridge/freezer, sink, and induction cooker, as well as a dry-flush toilet.

Grounded RVs utilizes cutting-edge composite materials in the construction of the Aerodynamic Towable, ensuring a lightweight yet durable camper trailer. 

Additionally, the model offers remotely controllable electronics and appliances, along with 1500W of solar power for off-grid adventures.

Photo courtesy of Grounded RVs.

Grounded G1 Electric Campervan

The Detroit-based start-up is also working on the Grounded G1, an electric campervan based on the Ford E-Transit panel van. 

The G1 is currently available for a one-time purchase of $125,000 or on a monthly subscription, with first deliveries expected in the first half of 2023.

Availability and Pricing

The Grounded RVs Aerodynamic Towable is still in the early conceptual stages, with only rendered images available to showcase the final production version. 

Prospective buyers can secure a production slot with a deposit of $100, and first deliveries are not expected until early 2025. As the project advances, more details on pricing and specifications will be released.

With the introduction of the Aerodynamic Towable model, Grounded RVs is poised to make a significant impact on the camper trailer market, offering a unique and stylish option for outdoor enthusiasts seeking the perfect balance of design and functionality.

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April 5, 2024 4:51 am

Isn’t it cool how Grounded RVs decked out the Aerodynamic Towable with high-tech wizardry? Imagine cruising with app-controlled systems and a sustainability vibe. It’s like venturing eco-friendly without sacrificing comfort. That’s a win-win for nature lovers, right?


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