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Officials Discuss Future of Camping at Chehaw Park

Camping is a source of revenue for Chehaw (Georgia) and Park Director Morgan Burnette said that officials are reviewing their plans to make the most out of the existing camping area.

The other issue to be considered is whether to expand the camping areas, according to a report.

“We cleared some land (on the westernmost end of the park) with the idea of adding more camping spaces, but we decided to hold up on that project right now,” Burnette said. We’re in the middle of our master plan, and what we’re going to have to decide is if it would best serve our purpose to add more camping spaces, offer a different kind of camping, or reconfigure our spaces available to best utilize them.”

“It’s not a question of whether we’re going to have some changes in our camping facilities; it’s more a matter of how this makes the most sense with our master plan.”

A change that the officials made to Chehaw park‘s camping regulations states that extended stays at the campground are now limited to 90 days. This change was needed because construction workers and traveling nurses essentially were able to set up living quarters at the campground in the early outbreak of the pandemic.

Chehaw Park is home to three tiny camper cabins, a deluxe cabin (with a bathroom, bedrooms, and living space), plenty of primitive (tent) camping space, as well as water and electric hookups for RVs.

“It may be that we just do a better job with the space we have as far as any changes to the camping facilities. We don’t want to turn it into wall-to-wall people, though. That’s what most campers want to get away from,” Burnette said.

Burnette also said that camping at Chehaw is crucial to any future plans as it brings tourists to southwest Georgia and puts money back into the community.

“We just want to make sure we do what’s best for the future of the park,” she ended.

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February 25, 2024 12:38 am

Isn’t it fun that Chehaw Park officials are mulling over adding glamping and a stargazing spot? Glam in the wild sounds intriguing. Imagine reaching for the stars while camping! Share your thoughts on these ideas.


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