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RV Technical Institute Launches Recruitment Drive at RV SuperShow

In a News and Insights report from the RVIA, the RV Technical Institute has embarked on a significant recruitment drive at the RV SuperShow in Tampa, marking a strategic effort to bolster the RV industry with skilled technicians. This initiative comes as a response to the growing demand for qualified RV technicians in the booming RV sector.

Over the past two years, the Institute has successfully enlisted over 2,200 new technicians, showcasing its commitment to strengthening the industry’s workforce. The SuperShow in Tampa serves as the latest platform for these efforts, with the Institute’s representatives actively engaging with attendees to highlight career opportunities in RV technical services.

Halle Edmister, an account specialist, and Justin Rickett, the authorized learning partner manager, are at the forefront of the Institute’s booth throughout the event. Their role is pivotal in educating consumers about the training programs available and the career paths in RV technical services.

The SuperShow also provides an opportunity for RV owners to understand the benefits of having their vehicles serviced by certified technicians. The RV Technical Institute’s gold-standard curriculum, developed by industry experts, ensures that technicians are well-equipped to handle the complexities of modern RVs.

“This is an awesome opportunity to spread the word about the RV Technical Institute to interested attendees,” says Edmister. “The consumers who visit the show are already interested in RVing but may not be aware of the RV technician career path. Our team is excited to share information on our training program and explain all the opportunities that this job offers.”

Participation in major industry events like the SuperShow is a key component of the Institute’s technician recruitment strategy. The program’s success over the past five years is a testament to its effectiveness in attracting new talent to the RV industry.

The SuperShow attendees, many of whom are already familiar with RVing, represent a potential pool of candidates for careers as RV technicians or independent mobile techs. This aligns with the industry’s need for a skilled workforce capable of servicing a growing number of RVs on the road.

Dave Kelly, the executive director of the Florida RV Trade Association, emphasizes the importance of this collaboration: “Recruiting RV technicians is more important now than ever and this gives the RV Technical Institute a great chance to talk to RVers about a career as a technician. We look forward to working with Curt and the entire Institute team.”

As the RV industry continues to expand, the demand for qualified technicians is expected to rise. The RV Technical Institute’s proactive approach in recruiting and training technicians is a critical step in meeting this demand.

The Institute’s efforts at the SuperShow in Tampa are a clear indication of the industry’s commitment to nurturing a skilled workforce. This not only benefits the RV industry but also offers promising career paths for individuals interested in joining this dynamic field.


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