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News for December 8, 2022

OHCE2022 Keynote Speaker: Fear Stops People from Achieving Success


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For many parks and campground owners, planning upgrades, starting a new project, rebranding parks, taking their properties to the next level, and other uncertainties that come with owning a business might be a little scary and nerve-wracking. But according to improviser Judi Holler, fear’s number one goal is to stop people from achieving success. 

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Photo by Brian Searl/Modern Campground

Holler gave her keynote speech in front of parks and campground owners during the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC) Outdoor Hospitality Conference & Expo 2022 (OHCE2022) in Orlando, Florida.

According to Holler, fear shows up daily in a million sneaky little ways. However, she also noted the importance of figuring out how to fear our fear. 

“When you can work, think, lead, and live like a fear boss, you will naturally become more innovative, more outgoing. You’re gonna have so much more fun. You’re gonna open the door to so much possibility, right? You are going to connect more powerfully and more profitably,” Holler said.

For the author and improviser, one interesting thing she noticed about the campground industry is how different generations work together to sustain family-run businesses like mom-and-pop parks and campgrounds. 

Holler also talked about celebrating victories and how business owners should keep moving forward despite challenges. 

“Celebrate all the brave things you’re already doing. We’re gonna celebrate the things you’re gonna continue to do, and we’re gonna celebrate the guts it takes to keep moving forward, despite doubt. Despite the change, despite the disruption,” Holler added.

In an exclusive interview with Modern Campground, Holler said that people don’t have a script for their life every day. 

Holler, with a background of doing improv ensembles and performances at the Second City Theatre Training Center & Conservatory, said the similarity between improv and real life and one she can relate to the industry is that people do not improvise alone. Whether you’re a campground owner looking for new ways to level up your business or a new generation of park owners starting to build a portfolio from scratch–you are not alone.

“We don’t improvise alone. We are improvising with people of all shapes, all sizes, all backgrounds. So whether it is the family dynamics of a family or the family dynamics of the guests that are coming into our campgrounds, we have to figure out how to work with all different types of generations and all different types of human beings,” Holler said. 

Holler said that to achieve change, one should get uncomfortable on purpose.

“Conduct a daily experiment every day; get uncomfortable every day on purpose. It’ll change your life.”

Holler’s interactive keynote aims to use experimental ideas and relate improv theatre and apply them to the unscripted stage of life. 

OHCE2022 is happening through Thursday, November 10, at the Rosen Centre Hotel & Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.

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