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Leisure Travel Vans Elevates RV Luxury with the 2025 Unity Corner Bed Featuring New Leisure Lounge Option

Leisure Travel Vans has recently unveiled a groundbreaking addition to their 2025 Unity Corner Bed model – the Leisure Lounge option. This new feature, set to debut at the Florida RV SuperShow in Tampa, Florida, marks a significant enhancement in the realm of recreational vehicles, promising to redefine comfort and convenience for enthusiasts and travelers alike.

The Leisure Lounge option is a testament to Leisure Travel Vans’ commitment to maximizing comfort and leisure for their customers. This patented design transforms the standard booth dinette into a versatile relaxation area, complete with dual reclining chairs equipped with power footrests and backrests. 

The inclusion of a large picture window in the design ensures an abundance of natural light, creating an inviting and serene environment within the Unity Corner Bed model, according to an article by the company.

2025 Unity Corner Bed Floorplan. Photo courtesy of Leisure Travel Vans.

In addition to enhanced comfort, the Leisure Lounge option introduces innovative storage solutions. Thoughtfully designed storage compartments are integrated behind the chairs and on either side of the slide-out, optimizing space utilization. 

A notable addition is the new 15 cubic feet exterior storage compartment with an adjustable shelf, which, when combined with existing storage, brings the total exterior storage space to an impressive 48 cubic feet.

The Unity Corner Bed model’s exterior design is a blend of aesthetics and functionality. Its clean, stylish, and aerodynamic appearance, characterized by contoured walls, frameless windows, and LED exterior lighting, not only turns heads but also contributes to the vehicle’s overall efficiency.

Photo courtesy of Leisure Travel Vans.

 The European design influence is evident, making the Unity Corner Bed a visually appealing choice for RV enthusiasts.

Inside, the Unity Corner Bed model boasts a large living space, rivaling the comforts found in much larger coaches. This spacious interior is a hallmark of Leisure Travel Vans’ design philosophy, which focuses on creating luxurious and open living spaces within a compact footprint. 

The Unity Corner Bed model, measuring just over 25 feet, exemplifies this approach, offering a wide-open living space that is both comfortable and functional.

A key feature of the Unity Corner Bed model is its full-time corner bed, providing a nearly queen-sized resting area for travelers. This bed, measuring 52 inches by 76 inches, is perfect for unwinding after a day of exploration and adventure. 

The comfort and convenience of a full-time bed in a compact RV underscore Leisure Travel Vans’ dedication to delivering a superior travel experience.

Photo courtesy of Leisure Travel Vans.

The Unity Corner Bed model is not only about luxury but also about flexibility and versatility. Its design makes driving easy and enjoyable, whether navigating through scenic landscapes or urban centers. The Unity’s size and turning radius are optimized for ease of handling, ensuring a smooth and confident driving experience for RV enthusiasts.

For more information about the 2025 Unity Corner Bed with the Leisure Lounge option and other innovative products by Leisure Travel Vans, visit Leisure Travel Vans’ official website. Interested readers can also reach out directly through the contact page for inquiries and further details.

Featured image from Leisure Travel Vans.

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April 26, 2024 1:36 pm

Isn’t it intriguing how the Unity Corner Bed by Leisure Travel Vans merges luxury with tech-savvy convenience? It’s like a green road trip dream come true, right?


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