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Florida’s Flamingo Lodge Named in NYT’s Top 52 Global Destinations for 2024

The New York Times has listed Florida’s Flamingo Lodge in the Everglades as one of the top 52 places to visit worldwide in 2024. This prestigious acknowledgment places the lodge in the company of global destinations such as Paris, Maui, Vienna, and Kansas City.

Photo courtesy of Flamingo Everglades

Flamingo Adventures, located in Everglades National Park, offers a unique array of accommodations including Houseboats, Eco-Tents, and Lodges, providing an exclusive experience unmatched elsewhere. 

Situated at Florida’s southernmost point, Flamingo boasts scenic campgrounds, a range of recreational activities, and stunning views of America’s largest subtropical wilderness. 

Photo courtesy of Flamingo Everglades

The area is renowned for its wildlife and birdwatching opportunities, complemented by various services like boat rentals and a marina store. Additionally, Flamingo offers boat ramps and trailer parking, accessible with the park entrance fee, for exploring the Backcountry and Florida Bay.

As per a report, Flamingo Lodge, known for its unique location within the Florida Everglades, has recently undergone extensive renovations. The lodge’s inclusion in the New York Times list marks a milestone for the outdoor hospitality sector, particularly for locations offering a blend of comfort and nature.

The renovated lodge offers an alternative to traditional camping, appealing to visitors seeking the natural beauty of the Everglades without the challenges of outdoor camping. This development is significant for campground and outdoor hospitality operators, demonstrating the growing demand for facilities that combine comfort with an authentic outdoor experience.

Patricia Mazzei from The New York Times, described the lodge as a welcome spot for those preferring not to camp. The lodge’s design, featuring air-conditioned accommodations made from sturdy shipping containers, addresses the challenges posed by the Everglades’ environment, including mosquitoes and climate change impacts.

The National Park Service’s emphasis on eco-friendly and resilient construction in the lodge’s renovation aligns with the increasing focus on sustainable practices in the outdoor hospitality industry. The lodge meets Florida’s building codes for coastal high hazard zones and retains the distinctive pink color and Miami Modern style of the original Mission 66 architecture.

Photo courtesy of Flamingo Everglades

The Flamingo Lodge & Restaurant, a popular visitor spot for nearly 40 years, now features 24 rooms. These accommodations include eight two-bedroom suites, 12 one-bedroom suites, and four studios, catering to a range of visitor needs. The inclusion of a renovated visitor center and restaurant further enhances the guest experience.

Featured image from Flamingo Everglades.

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Seth Peak
Seth Peak
April 25, 2024 6:26 pm

Flamingo Lodge getting a shoutout from The New York Times is a big deal! It’s like a hidden gem in the Everglades, offering a mix of luxury and nature vibes. I’d love to check it out!


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