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Lazydays Appoints Robert DeVincenzi as Chairman of the Board

Lazydays Holdings, Inc. has announced the appointment of Robert DeVincenzi as chairman of the board, effective June 9. 

DeVincenzi, who has served as lead independent director and interim CEO, succeeds Christopher Shackelton, managing partner of Coliseum Capital Management LLC, who is stepping down after six years of dedicated service.

“I am honored to be named Board Chairman at this pivotal time for Lazydays,” DeVincenzi said in a press release

“Lazydays has grown into one of the largest RV dealers in the country, with an iconic brand that we believe is synonymous with premium customer service and strong partnerships with leading OEMs,” he added. 

“I look forward to continuing to work closely with my fellow directors to advise John North and other members of management on the execution of their strategic plan designed to harness the power and scale of the Lazydays platform, drive operational excellence, and create sustainable value for shareholders.”

Lazydays has seen significant growth, establishing itself as a major player in the RV industry. The company’s board, now comprising seven directors with six being independent, aims to leverage this expertise to navigate current market conditions and pursue long-term success.

Shackelton praised DeVincenzi’s qualifications and leadership. “Robert is an experienced executive and director with a thorough understanding of the opportunities and challenges facing Lazydays today,” Shackelton said. 

“As Lazydays’ largest shareholder, Coliseum remains a supportive partner of John, the entire Board, and the management team as they navigate the current economic environment and position the business for long-term success.”

DeVincenzi joined Lazydays in October 2021, serving as lead independent director and interim CEO from January 2022 to September 2022. He also holds the position of non-executive chairman of the board of directors at Universal Technical Institute and is a principal partner at Lupine Venture Group, a business advisory firm. 

His extensive executive background includes roles as president and CEO of Redflex Holdings Limited and Lasercard Corporation.

DeVincenzi’s educational background includes a Master of Arts degree from Gonzaga University in Organizational Leadership and a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from California State University, San Luis Obispo. 

His diverse experience and strategic insight are expected to guide Lazydays in enhancing operational efficiency and expanding its footprint in the RV market.

Shackelton’s departure marks a significant transition for Lazydays, as he played a crucial role in the company’s growth and strategic direction over the past six years. His contributions have helped establish a strong foundation for the company, and his decision to step down comes with confidence in the current leadership.

With DeVincenzi at the helm, Lazydays aims to build on its strong foundation, focusing on innovation, operational excellence, and sustainable growth. The company is positioned to navigate the challenges and opportunities in the RV industry, ensuring long-term value for shareholders.

Lazydays continues to adapt to market dynamics, and the leadership transition marks a new chapter in its journey. The company’s commitment to providing exceptional customer service and building strong industry partnerships remains at the forefront of its strategic goals.

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