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Enhancing Expertise in the RV Industry: NTP-STAG Expo’s RV Learning Center Workshop Focuses on Skill Development

In Kissimmee, Florida, the NTP-STAG Expo offers a unique blend of networking, learning, and industry insight. This year, the Expo is set to host an essential event for RV professionals: the RV Learning Center Fixed Operations Workshop, scheduled for January 15. 

Led by industry experts Patrick Calpin and Tony Yerman, this workshop is poised to be a significant learning opportunity, aiming to enhance the skills and knowledge of RV operations professionals.

The workshop is designed to cater to a diverse audience, ranging from newcomers to the RV industry to seasoned veterans. This inclusive approach underscores the industry’s commitment to lifelong learning and continuous skill enhancement. 

The workshop’s curriculum is a thoughtful amalgamation of theoretical knowledge and practical application, aimed at equipping attendees with the necessary tools to thrive in a competitive market, according to a press release.

A key focus of the workshop is the efficient management of parts and service departments, a critical aspect for improving Repair Event Cycle Time (RECT). This focus is vital for enhancing customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. 

The workshop aims to provide practical strategies to streamline these departments’ processes, leading to more efficient operations and better customer experiences.

Another important aspect of the workshop is the organization of workflows within parts and service management. This training segment aims to instill systematic and efficient operational practices, reducing errors and increasing productivity. 

Effective customer relations management is another cornerstone of the workshop. In an industry where customer satisfaction is crucial, the ability to skillfully handle challenging customer interactions is invaluable. 

The workshop intends to equip attendees with strategies to transform potential conflicts into opportunities for building customer loyalty, fostering a customer-centric approach that can drive business growth.

The workshop also recognizes the importance of employee retention, understanding that a company’s strength lies in its workforce. Emphasizing professional development and recognition, the workshop provides insights into creating a work environment that attracts and retains top talent. 

This approach acknowledges the link between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction, highlighting that investing in staff is essential for business success.

The introduction of the RV Fixed Operations Today mobile app adds a modern dimension to the workshop, offering attendees access to free fixed operations certification readiness tests. 

This digital tool merges technology with education, providing a platform for ongoing learning and skill assessment, emphasizing the workshop’s commitment to continuous professional development.

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February 20, 2024 8:42 am

It’s truly heartwarming to see how the RV Learning Center Fixed Operations Workshop is dedicated to promoting a supportive work environment and fostering professional growth. The emphasis on effective management and customer relations is genuinely valuable for all RV professionals. I’d love to hear your thoughts on how these strategies could impact the industry and your own business.


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