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Daytona Beach Approves 1,200-Lot Recreational Vehicle Resort Development

Daytona Beach in Florida has approved a major recreational vehicle resort development project that will see the creation of a 1,200-lot facility on the city’s western edge. 

The ambitious project will offer a range of amenities, including nature trails, activity centers, and 58 acres of lakes for guests to canoe and fish in. 

The $75 million to $90 million development by Blue Coral Properties Inc. will be taxed as a commercial property.

According to the Daytona Beach attorney representing Blue Coral Properties, Glenn Storch, the resort will cover 353 acres of land between U.S. Highway 92 and Interstate 4. 61% of the land will be left undeveloped, complete with large natural vegetation buffers. 

Storch also noted that the facility will be “a first-rate RV park,” addressing the belief that it will become a premier destination for visitors.

Despite Storch’s comments, not everyone is excited about the new RV park. Residents of Highridge Estates, a small neighborhood located west of the planned resort site, are concerned about noise, traffic, and a potential intrusion into their quiet community. 

Several residents expressed their worries at a meeting of the Daytona Beach city commissioners, raising questions over access and the destruction of the tree line that separates their neighborhood from the new development.

In response, Storch has attempted to allay their fears, noting that the development will only be accessible through a new signalized access point on U.S. 92. 

The road that runs alongside Highridge Estates, Roosevelt Boulevard, will be gated and reserved only for emergency vehicles. 

He added that guests at the RV park will have to undergo background checks, and will only be allowed to stay for limited visits. 

There will also be restrictions on the number of times guests can move from lot to lot or use it as their permanent home.

The new development will no doubt shake up the local RV park and campground industry, with private campground owners and operators in the nearby area potentially feeling the impact. 

While it may increase competition for existing businesses, the new development could also drive additional visitors to the area, resulting in a boost in local tourism.

The project will also offer a significant economic boost to Daytona Beach, creating new jobs and driving revenue growth for the local area. But as with any large-scale development, there are concerns about the potential environmental impact. 

Developers will need to tread carefully to ensure they don’t negatively impact the local environment.

Overall, the Daytona Lakes RV Resort is an exciting development that is likely to put the area on the map as a premier destination for RV enthusiasts

While there are concerns about the impact on local residents and the environment, it is hoped that the development will bring significant economic benefits to the area. 

As the project moves forward, it will be interesting to see how it impacts the surrounding RV park and campground industry.

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May 18, 2024 2:53 pm

Outdoor lovers! Daytona Beach’s new 1,200-lot RV resort is a game-changer, blending luxury with nature. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting addition to our tourism scene!


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