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Council Unanimously Approves RV Ordinance Amendment

On May 2, the Gulfport City Council in Florida approved the second reading of an amended recreational vehicle (RV) ordinance, marking the end of several months of discussion surrounding the parking regulations for RVs on private property. 

The unanimous vote brings significant changes to the previous ordinance, easing certain restrictions on RV owners.

The original ordinance had stringent setback requirements for side yards and rear yards, which made it nearly impossible for residents to comply. 

The amended ordinance retains the ban on parking RVs in front of residences but eliminates most of the setback requirements. 

It now stipulates a three-foot separation from the residence for fire safety reasons, and continues to prohibit parking RVs in rights-of-way or on public property.

The previous exemption for RVs, which was implemented a decade ago when the old ordinance was passed, remains in place. Class B vehicle owners will continue to enjoy exemptions as well.

Prior to the vote on the second reading, no public comments were heard by the council. Vice Mayor Paul Ray (Ward III), who initiated the discussion a few months ago, expressed his satisfaction with the process

 “I just want to say I’m glad to see this went smoothly. We came to a very fair and equitable decision. I look forward to it. I’ve gotten a lot of thank yous from people out and about,” Mayor Ray said.

Council member Christine Brown shared a similar sentiment, stating, “I’m happy with the compromise.”

The ordinance amendment comes at a time when the RV industry is experiencing rapid growth. With more people investing in recreational vehicles for travel and leisure, it is crucial for municipalities like Gulfport to adapt their policies to accommodate this growing trend.

This decision by the Gulfport City Council not only aligns with the evolving RV landscape but also demonstrates an ability to recognize and address the needs of its residents. 

As the RV industry continues to expand, it is essential for local governments to remain attentive to the shifting dynamics and forge practical solutions that benefit their communities.


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