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Election For The 2024 RV Industry Association Board Of Directors has Begun

The RV industry is on the cusp of a significant event. On Tuesday, September 5, the RV Industry Association (RVIA) Board of Directors election commenced. This board, revered as the pinnacle of authority within the association’s structure, is entrusted with the responsibility of charting the course for the industry.

The board’s mandate is vast, encompassing the setting and oversight of various strategies and policies. These directives touch upon critical areas such as standards, marketing, government affairs, industry education, statistical data, and association finances.

Such a broad spectrum of responsibilities underscores the board’s pivotal role in steering the RV industry’s direction, as per the News & Insights report of the RVIA.

This year’s election is particularly noteworthy, with nine candidates contending for three open Board seats. The association’s members are presented with a choice between three candidates in each category, namely RV Manufacturer, Park Model RV Manufacturer, and Supplier. 

This democratic process ensures that the board’s composition reflects the diverse voices within the industry.

The candidates themselves bring a rich tapestry of experience and expertise. In the RV Manufacturers category, the contenders are Ashley Bontrager Lehman, Scott Hubble, and Bryan Hughes. 

The Park Model RV Manufacturers see Trevor Kropf, John Soard, and John Tuyo vying for a seat. And in the Suppliers category, Heather Jenks, April Klein-Carroll, and Missy Rogers are in the fray.

The election process is meticulous, ensuring transparency and fairness. Voting spans from September 5 to September 25, allowing ample time for members to make an informed choice. 

Each member company is accorded one vote, representing the collective voice of its stakeholders. The culmination of this process will be in late September when the results are unveiled. Those elected will embark on their 3-year terms come January 1, 2023.

For those keen on delving deeper or seeking further information, the Association stands ready to assist. Their commitment to transparency and member engagement is unwavering, ensuring that every voice is heard and every query addressed.

Learn more about the candidates of the RVIA Board of Directors election here.


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