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Vanish Unveils Luxury Campervan Rentals in DC Metro Area, Marking a Significant Leap in US Expansion

In a bold move to redefine outdoor adventures, Vanish Travel is set to launch luxury campervan rentals in the Washington DC metropolitan area come November 1. 

This expansion not only marks the company’s third location following New York City and Austin, Texas but also introduces the mid-Atlantic region to a novel concept of luxury campervan rentals, making Vanish the first national brand to establish a presence there.

Founded in 2021 by Kevin Jornlin and Mallory MacDonald, Vanish Travel has swiftly garnered attention and praise from adventure enthusiasts.

The company’s unique offering of luxury campervans, described by Thrillist as an “outdoor vacation salvation,” provides a blend of comfort and adventure, attracting couples and families looking to explore the great outdoors without the usual hassles associated with traditional camping.

The luxury campervans come in two models – the Standard and the Plus. Each van is equipped with amenities such as a queen bed, hot water shower, toilet, kitchen, and cookware, according to a press release.

The Plus model takes luxury a notch higher with an indoor shower option, catering to those who prefer a more homely touch to their outdoor adventures.

Vanish’s expansion into the DC Metro area is a testament to the growing popularity of van-life vacations. 

The new location at 6809 Bowmans Crossing Unit A-2, Frederick, MD 21703, is strategically placed to serve the communities of DC, Maryland, and Virginia, offering a gateway to numerous local adventures including hiking in Virginia’s Shenandoah National Park or a scenic drive through the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The company’s commitment to providing a positive guest experience is evident in its unlimited mileage policy, allowing guests the freedom to explore far and wide. 

The online booking system on Vanish’s official website makes it easy for adventurers to plan their trips and plan a memorable journey.

Vanish CEO Kevin Jornlin expressed enthusiasm about the new venture in Maryland. He emphasized the alignment of the Washington, D.C. metro area’s symbol of freedom and independence with Vanish’s core values of exploration and travel. 

The expansion is part of a broader plan to grow the fleet across the U.S. throughout 2023 and 2024, introducing more people to the unique campervan travel experience.

The luxury campervan rental landscape in the US is diverse, with several companies offering different types of vans for road trips. However, Vanish Travel stands out with its focus on luxury and fully outfitted vans, providing a unique proposition in the market.

The DC Metro area’s rich history and scenic beauty provide a perfect backdrop for Vanish’s luxury campervan rentals. As more people seek unique travel experiences post-pandemic, Vanish’s expansion comes at an opportune time, offering a fresh and luxurious way to explore the region.

Vanish Travel’s expansion is a significant milestone in the campervan rental industry, setting a precedent in the mid-Atlantic region. With a blend of luxury, convenience, and adventure, Vanish is not just offering a service but an experience that resonates with the modern-day adventurer.


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