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Connecticut Proposes Liability Waiver Bill for Campground Guests

A proposed bill in Connecticut seeks to ease the stringent liabilities faced by private campgrounds in the state by requiring guests to sign liability waivers acknowledging the inherent risks of camping. This initiative was presented to the General Assembly’s Judiciary Committee.

Connecticut Campground Owners Association, representing 48 members, worked with the Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association to draft this legislation. The economic significance of Connecticut’s private campgrounds, generating approximately $210 million annually and supporting over 1,000 jobs, underscores the industry’s role.

“It recognizes that there are inherent risks in the camping experience, in addition to acknowledging the need for providing as safe an environment as possible,” Brian Korten, owner of the Water’s Edge Family Campground in Lebanon and chairman of the association, said in a public hearing.

The proposed bill shows that while campground owners cannot absolve themselves from incidents stemming from negligence, guests must accept a certain level of risk inherent to the camping experience. This approach showcases legal standards applied to other recreational industries, such as ski areas and riding stables.

“This legislation attempts to acknowledge the responsibilities of both the camper and the campground in providing a safe and enjoyable camping experience. We feel this legislation helps to provide fair and equitable treatment of both campers and campgrounds in the event of an injury,” Korten said, as quoted in a CT Insider report

The bill seeks to safeguard this sector by establishing a framework of shared responsibility, encouraging growth, and enhancing the outdoor experience for visitors. Discussions highlighted the complexity of attributing liability, especially in cases involving natural occurrences like bee stings, and the importance of case-by-case evaluations.

“It was important that great care be taken in crafting the language of this bill. This bill just tries to help those campground owners by establishing common-sense responsibility for an individual engaged in this outdoor activity, while protecting the camper who was injured because of: an omission that constitutes negligence; intentional injury; his or her safety was ignored; a lack of appropriate warning signs; and a general failure to provide ordinary care,” state Rep. John Piscopo said, as quoted in a public hearing.

The Judiciary Committee is expected to decide on the bill by April 1.

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Julie Roberts
Julie Roberts
March 17, 2024 6:40 pm

Have you heard about this camping bill in Connecticut? It’s pretty neat! They’re making sure we all know about potential risks like bee stings while camping. Plus, they’re setting out clear rules for both campers and campground owners to keep us safe and have a blast under the stars!


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