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News for December 10, 2023

Confluence of States Releases Comprehensive 2023 Outdoor Report Highlighting Industry Growth

The Confluence of States, a collaborative network of state offices dedicated to outdoor recreation, has officially released its 2023 Outdoor Report. This detailed report provides an in-depth overview of the achievements and progress made in the outdoor recreation sector during the fiscal year 2023.

Brad Garmon, chair of the Confluence of States and Executive Director of the Michigan Outdoor Recreation Industry Office, expressed pride in the collective efforts of the member states. 

“We are proud to release the 2023 Outdoor Report, a comprehensive and collaborative effort that showcases the incredible work our member states have accomplished this past year elevating the outdoors in their states,” Garmon said. He emphasized the report’s role in highlighting the strides made in increasing awareness and relevance of the outdoor recreation sector.

The report is structured around four main pillars, reflecting the diverse initiatives undertaken by the member states. These pillars encompass a range of activities, from facilitating grant funding and supporting outdoor economy summits to enacting legislation that bolsters outdoor activities.

One of the significant findings in the report is the economic impact of outdoor recreation. Last year, the Bureau of Economic Analysis calculated the economic output of this sector to be $862 billion. This figure surpasses other major industries, including mining, utilities, farming and ranching, and chemical products manufacturing, underscoring the substantial economic contribution of outdoor recreation.

Additionally, the outdoor recreation industry is a major employment generator. It is responsible for creating millions of quality, high-paying jobs across the United States, spanning various industries. This aspect of the report highlights the sector’s role in not just economic growth, but also in job creation and workforce development.

The report also sheds light on the participation rates in outdoor activities. It notes the number of Americans aged 6 and over who engaged in at least one outdoor activity, indicating a widespread interest in outdoor recreation among the U.S. population.

For campground, glamping, and RV park owners, as well as outdoor hospitality operators, the report offers valuable insights. The growth and economic significance of the outdoor recreation sector suggest expanding opportunities for these businesses. The increasing public interest in outdoor activities can lead to higher demand for outdoor hospitality services.

Moreover, the legislative and funding initiatives highlighted in the report could provide new avenues for support and development for businesses in this sector. Understanding these initiatives can help operators align their strategies with state and federal efforts to promote outdoor recreation.

The 2023 Outdoor Report serves as a crucial resource for policymakers, industry stakeholders, and enthusiasts. It not only reflects the current state of the outdoor recreation industry but also sets the stage for future growth and development.

The Confluence of States’ 2023 Outdoor Report is a testament to the collaborative efforts in elevating the outdoor recreation industry. Its findings and insights are not just indicators of past achievements but also beacons guiding future growth and sustainability in this vital sector.


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Rein Tarinay

Rein Tarinay

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