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Pitkin County’s Landmark Acquisition: Preserving Snowmass Falls Ranch’s Natural and Historical Heritage

In the heart of Colorado’s majestic landscapes, a significant event unfolded early this year, marking a new chapter in the conservation of natural and historical sites. Pitkin County, through its Open Space and Trails program, finalized the acquisition of Snowmass Falls Ranch, a sprawling 650-acre property, for $34 million. 

This acquisition, the largest in the program’s history, not only underscores the county’s commitment to preserving natural beauty but also highlights the ranch’s rich historical tapestry.

Snowmass Falls Ranch, nestled in the upper Snowmass Creek Valley and bordered by the Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness Area, is more than just land. It’s a living mosaic of Colorado’s past and present, according to a report by The Aspen Times.

The ranch’s history dates back to the early 1900s when Danish immigrant Kate Lindvig, known as the “Cattle Queen of Snow Mass,” began assembling this land. Her legacy, coupled with the stewardship of the Perry family who owned the ranch for eight decades, has left an indelible mark on the landscape, making this acquisition a preservation of history as much as nature.

The financial orchestration of this acquisition is a tale of strategic planning and community investment. The Open Space and Trails program, funded by a voter-approved property tax fund, demonstrated remarkable foresight and fiscal responsibility. 

In 2020, the program issued bonds, capitalizing on historically low interest rates, which played a crucial role in securing the necessary funds. This prudent financial maneuvering ensured that the program could seize this unique opportunity to protect a significant portion of Pitkin County’s natural heritage.

The acquisition’s scale is unprecedented in the county’s history, dwarfing previous purchases like the 845-acre Sky Mountain Park. The Snowmass Falls Ranch purchase price is double that of Sky Mountain Park, emphasizing the strategic importance and value placed on this land. 

The ranch’s acquisition is not just a financial transaction but a statement of intent, showcasing Pitkin County’s dedication to preserving large, ecologically significant areas for future generations.

The environmental significance of Snowmass Falls Ranch cannot be overstated. Its diverse landscape, featuring aspen meadows, beaver ponds, trout streams, and the eponymous Snowmass Falls, represents a microcosm of Colorado’s natural beauty. 

This land serves as a critical habitat for wildlife and a beloved recreational space for residents and visitors alike. The preservation of this area ensures that these natural treasures remain untouched by the ever-encroaching hand of development.

Moreover, the ranch’s acquisition has broader implications for land conservation efforts in the region. It sets a precedent for future conservation projects and highlights the importance of public-private partnerships in achieving significant environmental goals. 

The collaboration between Pitkin County, Great Outdoors Colorado, and other stakeholders exemplifies how collective efforts can lead to substantial outcomes in land preservation.

The acquisition also highlights the role of local communities in conservation efforts. The support and involvement of Pitkin County residents, through their approval of the property tax fund for open space, have been instrumental in making such acquisitions possible. 

As the ranch transitions to public ownership, it remains a symbol of the delicate balance between development and conservation. The county’s decision to close the property to the public initially, while developing a management plan, reflects a commitment to careful and sustainable stewardship.

For more information on this historic acquisition and the future plans for Snowmass Falls Ranch, contact Gary Tennenbaum, Open Space and Trails director, at [email protected], or Dale Will, OST acquisition and projects director, at [email protected].


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