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Permit for Love’s RV Park in Cañon City Approved by City Council

Colorado’s Cañon City Council passed a resolution on Monday night, saying yes to a subdivision plat at Four Mile Ranch Parkway and U.S. 50 and a resolution approving a special use permit for Love’s RV Park, a report said.

The plan of applicant Sonnenschein Financial Services, Inc., includes five lots on 51.91 acres. Lot 1 comprises 22.51 acres which will make up 43% of the subdivision of the proposed RV park, Lot 2 (6.06 acres) holds 12% of the land where a hotel was proposed, Lot 3 measures 6.22 acres with 12% still unplanned, while Lot 4 (4.74 acres) is 9% unplanned. Lot 5 is 10.34 acres, 20% would be for a travel plaza and one ROW measuring 2.04 acres is 4% of the five lots.

The travel plaza alone is a $10-15 million investment for that particular project,” said Rob Brown, the executive director of Fremont Economic Development Corp., who also is the project representative. “The RV center will be significantly more. They are going to become a significant taxpayer compared to what is happening there with the vacant land right now.”

Brown said developers are prepared to begin construction as soon as possible. They’d like to begin in May and be operational in time for the 2023 season.

“This is the type of partner that a community specifically longs to have on their team and we are very fortunate to have that situation,” Brown said.

The project will upgrade the site’s utilities, which will benefit the whole area.

The 124-site Love’s RV Park will be equipped with utility connections (water, sewer, and 20/30/50-amp electric).

Other amenities for guests include the sale of bulk propane, fire pits and grills, pavilions for an outdoor gathering, dog park, general store, laundry facilities, showers, security fencing, and a perimeter fence around the site.

There will also be wi-fi and recreational facilities such as pickleball courts, horseshoes, cornhole, basketball, and a children’s playground and splash pad.

Brown said that stays are restricted up to 30 days or less. However, the typical stay will range from four and five days.

The RV park is set to be joined by a Love’s Travel Plaza and a full-service hotel.

It is anticipated that the project will create 25-30 jobs, including three to five management positions. Brown claimed that 75% of those employed will be full-time. However, all employees will receive a full benefits package.

This story originally appeared on Cañon City Daily Record.

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March 12, 2024 3:38 pm

How exciting is it that the new RV park at Four Mile Ranch Parkway and U.S. 50 is all set to bring a fresh burst of opportunities for travelers and us locals? With its travel plaza and utility connections on the way, get ready for a tourism boost and upgraded amenities enhancing our community vibe soon!

April 22, 2024 8:30 am

Digging into the plans for Love’s RV Park is exciting! Imagine strolling through the dog park or enjoying eco-friendly vibes with solar panels. What a great addition to Cañon City!


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