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News for December 8, 2023

Love’s Travel Plaza & RV Park to Open in Colorado at the End of the Month

Love’s Travel Plaza & RV Park in Cañon City (Colorado) is set to open before the month ends, holding the vision of being not just an RV park, but a place for campers.

“It is not an ‘RV park,’ it is intended for campers,” Dave Paulson, general manager, told Canon City Daily Record.

The RV park isn’t just another stop on the map; it’s a testament to the evolution of road travel. As wanderlust grips the nation, and RV travel becomes a preferred mode of exploration, establishments like Love’s are redefining what it means to take a pit stop. This plaza, with its state-of-the-art amenities and commitment to community, stands as a beacon for modern travelers.

The modern camper seeks more than just a patch of land. They’re looking for amenities, experiences, and a sense of community. Recognizing this shift, Love’s has incorporated features that cater to this new-age traveler. Their RV park, equipped with solar-powered energy, fresh food kitchens, and more, is a nod to the changing dynamics of campground trends.

The RV park itself boasts features tailored for the discerning camper. With more than 100 campsites (and some sites being ADA-accessible), it’s equipped to handle a surge of travelers. 

Each site is designed for convenience, with easy hook-ups and access to facilities like restrooms, laundry, and even a dedicated dog park. Sports courts and communal areas further enhance the camping experience, making it a hub of activity and relaxation.

Innovation is at the heart of Love’s Travel Plaza & RV Park. From offering dedicated RV parking to creating spaces that merge the convenience of a travel plaza with the charm of a campground, Love’s is setting new industry standards. Their focus on both truckers and RV travelers ensures that every guest feels catered to, making their stay memorable.

Beyond the fuel pumps, Love’s offers a myriad of facilities designed to cater to every traveler’s need. The convenience store, stocked with regional merchandise, ensures that travelers can grab a piece of Colorado to take with them. 

For the long-haul truckers, the diesel side offers more than just fuel. Showers, 24-hour laundry facilities, and overnight parking are just a few amenities that make the journey smoother.

But Love’s impact goes beyond the confines of its property. The plaza is expected to be a significant employment hub, offering jobs to 90-100 locals. Moreover, their dedication to promoting local attractions ensures that the entire community of Cañon City benefits from its presence. From the Royal Gorge Bridge to the Railroad, Love’s acts as a gateway to the best of Cañon City.

Love’s Travel Plaza & RV Park in Cañon City is more than just a stopover; it’s a destination in itself. As it gears up to welcome travelers, it stands as a testament to the future of road travel—one that’s inclusive, innovative, and integrated with the community. As the wheels roll in and the lights shine bright, Love’s is ready to redefine road travel, one guest at a time.

Featured image from Alejandro Guzmani.


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