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Former Planning Director Achieves RV Park Permit Approval in Montrose County

In a recent development, former county planning director Steve White secured approval for a special use permit to establish the Waypoint West RV Park on Trout Road. This decision came despite previous objections from local residents, highlighting the growing significance of recreational vehicle (RV) parks in the region.

The Montrose County commissioners granted the permit for the park, which will span approximately 7 acres of land designated for general agriculture. This park, equipped to accommodate 20 RV sites with essential amenities, including electrical, water, and sewer hookups. 

Earlier in May 2021, CBS News reported a surge in demand for campgrounds across the state, coinciding with a notable boom in RV sales. This trend underscores the relevance of such developments, emphasizing the increasing popularity of RVs and the consequent demand for more RV parks.

However, White’s application wasn’t without its challenges. Several residents raised concerns ranging from traffic safety to view obstruction. They also pointed out potential inconsistencies with the county master plan, emphasizing the need for careful consideration of such developments.

Despite these concerns, the commissioners, after thorough deliberation and a traffic study, unanimously approved the permit. They attached several conditions to ensure the park’s smooth integration into the community, addressing the concerns raised by the residents.

The broader context of this development highlights the changing dynamics of local communities. RV parks, once seen as mere recreational spots, are now becoming integral parts of local economies, contributing significantly to business growth.

Public opinion on such developments remains divided. While many see the economic benefits and the potential for tourism growth, others express concerns about the changing landscape and the potential challenges these parks might bring.

White, addressing the concerns, assured the community of his commitment to being a good neighbor. He emphasized the importance of adhering to the conditions attached to the permit and expressed gratitude to the commissioners for their thorough consideration.

The approval of the Waypoint West RV Park permit signifies a shift in the local community’s perspective. As RV parks continue to gain popularity, it’s essential to strike a balance between development and preserving the community’s essence.


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