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News for April 22, 2024

Coleman-Mach Set to Host Online Seminar For Basic Air Conditioning for RV Owners, Enthusiasts in March

Coleman-Mach, a brand within the Airxcel family, is set to host an online seminar titled “Basic Air Conditioning 101” aimed at RV owners and enthusiasts. Scheduled for Wednesday, March 6 (9:00 am CST), the seminar will delve into the essentials of air conditioning within the RV.

The seminar includes an overview of basic AC operation, annual maintenance routines, troubleshooting techniques, and an introduction to new product innovations. The seminar is offered free of charge, requiring interested participants to sign up individually using an email address, as group registrations are not accommodated.

By offering this free training, Coleman-Mach demonstrates its commitment to customer education and support. The focus of this seminar underscores the importance of air conditioning systems in RVs, highlighting their critical role in ensuring comfort and enhancing the overall RV experience. 

Attendees are expected to gain valuable insights into maintaining their AC units effectively, which is crucial for prolonging the lifespan of these systems and ensuring they operate efficiently. The session also aims to equip RV owners with the knowledge about ACs, potentially saving on repair costs and reducing downtime.

Coleman-Mach’s initiative supports the RV community by sharing expertise and fostering a better understanding of RV air conditioning systems. The company has been in the industry since introducing its first unit in 1967. Over the decades, it has produced over 8 million units, catering not only to RVs but also to boats and off-road vehicles, among other specialty applications.

The company’s growth from a single product line to a comprehensive range of air conditioners, heat pumps, ceiling assemblies, climate control accessories, thermostats, and conversion kits illustrates its evolution in response to the diverse needs of the recreational lifestyle market.

Coleman-Mach’s upcoming online seminar represents a valuable resource for RV owners seeking to enhance their knowledge of air conditioning systems. Participants can look forward to gaining practical insights and tips that will help them maintain and optimize their RV air conditioning units, ensuring comfort and reliability on their travels. For more information about the upcoming seminar, click here.

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Nancy Mitchell
Nancy Mitchell
April 21, 2024 7:59 pm

I think Coleman-Mach’s online seminar for RV owners and fans is a fantastic chance to level up our AC knowledge and troubleshoot like pros. It’s like a cool insider’s guide to staying chill on the road! Don’t you think this session will be awesome for our RV adventures?


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