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Climate Action Should Be Key Part Of Reconciliation Bill—Outdoor Industry Association

 The Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) issued the following statement today in support of including significant climate provisions in the upcoming reconciliation bill:

“The outdoor industry is an integral part of the American economy, generating $788 billion and supporting 5.2 million employees. But the future of our industry – and the millions of working families and local economies that rely on the outdoors and outdoor recreation – depends on bold and immediate climate action from our government,” said Lise Aangeenbrug, executive director of Outdoor Industry Association. “Outdoor companies are working every day to reduce emissions and decrease their carbon footprint. The federal government has a responsibility to be a part of the solution to truly combat climate change. The reconciliation bill being discussed in Congress offers a once-in-a-generation chance to enact meaningful provisions to address climate change and ensure the success of the outdoor industry and the American economy and protect the health of the planet.

“As Congress continues to negotiate the reconciliation bill in the coming days, it is imperative for the sake of the outdoor industry, the economy, and the environment, that they include substantive, fully-funded climate provisions in the final bill, including robust funding for the proposed Civilian Climate Corps.”

OIA and 33 leading outdoor companies sent a letter to congressional leadership in September urging Congress to include significant climate provisions in the reconciliation bill, such as the Civilian Climate Corps, Clean Energy Performance Program, and the Growing Climate Solutions Act, among other provisions. These proposals would help mitigate the effects of climate change, expand access to the outdoors, and support local, state, and national economies.

About the Outdoor Industry Association

Based in Boulder, Colo., with offices in Washington, D.C., Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) is the leading trade association for the outdoor industry. OIA unites and serves 1,200 manufacturer, supplier, sales representative, and retailer members through its focus on trade and recreation policy, sustainable business innovation, and outdoor participation. For more information, visit outdoorindustry.org.

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