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Care Camps Aims to Raise $300K to Help Get Kids with Cancer to Camp

For Care Camps, healing doesn’t just happen in hospitals.

In a LinkedIn post, the non-profit organization Care Camps said that they aim to raise $30,000 to send 15 kids with cancer to camp. 

The post indicated that the global movement has brought out the best in people as millions unite to support causes near and dear to their hearts.

With its continued growth, Care Camps supports 132 children’s oncology camps across North America. In 2021, they received over $3 million in donations and reached a new milestone of $21 million in total donations.

According to its website, Care Camps provides hope and healing to every child and family member affected by childhood cancer in the US and Canada.  

Care Camps helps fund oncology camps and special programs designed to bring the healing power of the outdoors and shared community to kids and their families.

Last August, Kampgrounds of America (KOA) hosted a golf tournament fundraiser to help kids affected by cancer experience the great outdoors.

Since its inception, Care Camps has raised over $18 million so kids can attend camp for free. With the number of kids diagnosed with cancer significantly increasing, camping cost has also gone up to an average of $1,800 a week per child, creating an ever-increasing demand for funding.

Through its fundraising efforts, Care Camps will provide the necessary support to send kids with cancer to medically supervised cancer camps where they can have fun, build incredible friendships, feel the fund that camping brings and explore nature, create memories to help them heal and ultimately return home feeling renewed and filled with hope.

In the 1980s, the Kampgrounds of America Owners’ Association established Care Camps to give children with cancer the opportunity to attend oncology camps, where they can escape their pain and suffering, receive treatments, and have lots of fun while being with other kids just like them.

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Christopher Green
Christopher Green
April 6, 2024 10:08 am

Isn’t it amazing how Care Camps is making a real difference for kids with cancer? They’re not just sending them to camp but creating special programs that bring hope and healing. It’s heartwarming to see how nature and community can play such a crucial role in their journey.


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