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Campy Introduces Real-Time Image Displays for Campsites and Amenities

Insider Perks, a leader in digital innovation for the campground and RV park industry, today announced a significant enhancement to its AI-driven chatbot, Campy. This new feature introduces the ability to display images within chat conversations, setting a new standard for customer service and engagement in the sector.

Campy, known for its ability to provide instant, accurate responses to camper inquiries, now offers campground owners and operators an even more powerful tool to showcase their properties.

With the latest update, when a potential guest asks about RV sites, cabin rentals, glamping options, or any amenities, Campy can now display relevant images alongside descriptive text and direct calls-to-action. This enhancement not only enriches the user experience but also aids in the decision-making process, providing a visually engaging way for campers to explore their options.

A Campy toy robot with an Insider Perks tablet computer on a white background.
Campy. Photo courtesy of Insider Perks

Visual aids are a crucial part of the decision-making process, especially in the outdoor hospitality industry where customers’ expectations are continuously evolving,” said Brian Searl, founder & CEO of Insider Perks.

“By integrating image display capabilities into Campy, we’re enabling campground owners to not just tell, but show what makes their campground unique. This level of interaction is unparalleled in today’s market and represents a significant leap forward in how we utilize technology to enhance the camping experience.

This update is part of Insider Perks’ ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence in customer service. By allowing campers to see pictures of available sites and amenities in real-time, Campy facilitates a more interactive and informative booking process. This capability is designed to meet the needs of modern campers who seek comprehensive information and visual confirmation before making their travel decisions.

The introduction of image display capabilities in Campy also includes features for detailed descriptions, specific calls-to-action, and the option to link directly to virtual tours, providing an immersive experience that can help convert inquiries into bookings. This feature is especially beneficial for showcasing major property features, like water parks, that are better experienced visually.

For more information about Campy and its new image display capabilities, or to schedule a demo, contact Brian Searl at [email protected], or via phone at (216) 232-3105.

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February 21, 2024 12:08 pm

This is a revolutionary advancement for campers! Campy’s real-time image displays and interactive features make booking campsites a visual and engaging experience. Insider Perks is also collaborating with campground owners to enhance the process even further. Can’t wait to witness this in action!

February 21, 2024 2:23 pm
Reply to  mindfulMax

Golly, that sounds like a camping goofball! I can practically picture the wackiness of booking a campsite with those real-time images. Can you imagine the hilarity? Where’s your dream campground destination?

Leo Starlight
Leo Starlight
February 21, 2024 2:34 pm

This bold feature from Campy is a game-changer! It allows campground owners to showcase their properties and provides campers with a visual exploration of amenities and nearby attractions. This fosters a deeper connection to the camping experience. Plus, the integration of this feature into Campy’s platform streamlines the booking process, offering a transparent and engaging way for campers to select their ideal campsites and make informed decisions. Overall, it’s a remarkable enhancement for the camping industry.

February 22, 2024 2:17 am

Campy’s novel image display feature is a hoot for campers. It’s like having a virtual tour guide to help choose the perfect campsite without leaving your living room!

Sandra Thomas
Sandra Thomas
February 22, 2024 4:41 am

How does Campy’s dynamic image display feature enhance your campground experience for potential guests? It effectively engages and converts modern campers.

Mia Rain
Mia Rain
February 22, 2024 5:52 am

This fresh feature is a game-changer for campers and RV park guests, allowing them to visually explore and evaluate their potential camping or glamping options in real time. Campy’s real-time image displays set a new standard for customer experience, empowering campers with comprehensive information to make informed booking decisions.


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