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Campspot Unveils ‘Signals’, a Benchmarking Tool for the Outdoor Hospitality Industry

Campspot, a renowned software reservation provider, recently announced the debut of Signals. 

This trailblazing suite of reporting dashboards, integrated within the Campspot Analytics platform, is aimed at redefining competitive benchmarking in the outdoor hospitality industry. 

By harnessing the power of aggregated anonymous data, Signals offers campground operators unrivaled insights to inform their pricing strategies and sharpen their competitive edge.

The outdoor hospitality industry, including private campground owners, has long lacked a comprehensive, large-scale tool for competitive benchmarking. This void has restricted the capacity for data-informed decision-making, creating challenges when it comes to optimal pricing and maximizing revenue. Signals seeks to change that narrative by offering a unique benchmarking solution that could transform how the industry operates.

Signals collates anonymized information from parks of comparable profiles into a competitive set, offering valuable insights on rates and occupancy to users. Through this pooling process, Signals distills data from thousands of parks, turning raw data into powerful, actionable intelligence.

Among the key metrics available through Signals are Average Daily Rate (ADR), Occupancy Rate (OR), and Revenue per Available Site (RevPAS). 

However, Signals’ capabilities extend beyond these parameters. It also offers additional data points such as the percentage of seasonal and transient stays, the performance contrast between weekdays and weekends, and ancillary revenues per site. 

These insights allow private campground owners and operators to better understand market trends and make informed decisions to enhance their operational effectiveness and profitability.

Setting it apart from any other competitive benchmarking tools, Signals is the first product that provides access to anonymized data from the outdoor hospitality industry at such an extensive scale. 

This level of data depth is a game-changer for campground owners and operators who have lacked such a comprehensive resource until now.

Private campground owners and operators can conveniently access the Signals dashboard via Campspot Analytics. This data and reporting tool, already revered for its performance tracking capabilities through easy-to-understand, visualized dashboards, now gains an even more significant edge with the addition of Signals.

As campground owners and operators leverage the in-depth insights from Signals, they are poised to stay a step ahead of their competition. The tool supports confident and data-informed pricing decisions, enabling owners to tap into their park’s full potential and optimize revenue.

This significant breakthrough by Campspot signals a new era in the outdoor hospitality industry, enabling private campground owners and operators to unlock the benefits of large-scale competitive benchmarking. 


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