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Campspot Integrates with RemoteLock to Elevate Security, Convenience for Campers

Campspot, a campground reservation and management software, announced its new integration with RemoteLock, a cloud-based access control system. This collaboration aims to provide security and efficiency by enabling automated access, elevating security and convenience for campers.

“At Campspot, we want to not only make everyday tasks easier for campgrounds but also ensure convenience never compromises security,” Ryan Powell, technical product manager, said in a press release.

RemoteLock is known for its universal access control software, which is compatible and integrates with various smart locks, booking platforms, and property management systems. This integration allows campgrounds to manage access safely and efficiently, automating the generation of access codes. These codes grant entry to gated areas and facilities such as clubhouses, pools, and shower rooms.

“The RemoteLock integration hits that sweet spot of streamlining processes while also helping campgrounds to not only maintain but actually improve security,” Powell said.

Upon a reservation’s confirmation on Campspot, unique access codes are generated and automatically added to the guests’ order details.

According to Campspot, this integration offers several benefits, including the automated generation of unique access codes during the booking process, which expire at the end of the reservation. Guests can also enjoy streamlined communication because the codes are automatically added to guests’ order details. Furthermore, advanced code communication allows a more seamless, secure, and contactless check-in process.

RemoteLock’s universal access control software demonstrates flexibility in accommodating different smart locks.

Phase 2, set to be released later this year, will see the expansion of the integration’s capabilities to include individual accommodations such as cabins or A-frames. This aims to further improve security and convenience for campground operators and guests.

Campspot’s new integration with RemoteLock showcases advancements in campground management and operations. By facilitating automated access control, this integration is set to improve both security and convenience across campground facilities.

Campspot offers an easy booking experience for premier RV resorts, family-friendly campgrounds, cozy cabins, and unique glamping experiences, ensuring unforgettable camping memories. With an expansive selection of accommodations, Campspot provides the convenience of direct bookings through its website, with the lowest prices.

For more information on this integration or other Campspot features, click here.

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March 31, 2024 9:48 pm

Isn’t it exciting to see how Campspot and RemoteLock are transforming camping? Their collab enhances security and convenience, promising a hassle-free camping experience. Stay tuned for more campground tech upgrades!


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