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News for December 2, 2023

Campspot Campgrounds Experienced Record Growth in 2021

In a release, Camspot took a moment to reflect and celebrate the growth campgrounds have experienced with the company in 2021. From add-on amenities and POS items to lock site and cancellation revenue, last year was a year full of campground owners taking advantage of Campspot’s many revenue-driving features.

Campspot noted that through its add-on feature, campground owners saw an 87-percent increase in add-ons in 2021 with a combined value of $28.2 million of extra revenue. What could have been an unused golf cart that guests were unaware of has now become a popular commodity guests are excited to reserve.

The company also reported how its POS system helped owners diversify revenue streams. A camp store is often viewed as the main source of additional income. With Campspot’s POS system, campground owners sold a combined total of 16.6 million items in 2021. Now, campgrounds are able to monitor multiple locations, track inventory, and utilize a seamless platform so even newest employees can check out guests with ease.

As a campground owner seeking to maximize park occupancy, grid optimization and lock sites have eliminated the manual work of scheduling guests. Campspot’s grid optimization feature automatically shuffles guest reservations to allow for further occupancy.

This feature takes into account rig size and required amenities but shuffles reservation placement to allow for further bookings. However, if a guest chooses an exact site and would rather not be moved, they can choose to accept a lock site fee and guarantee that placement in the park. This two-fold process increases occupancy while generating extra revenue for parks to the tune of $12.7 million this last year alone, the company shared.

Campground owners registered with Camspot also saw $5.9 million in cancellation revenue in 2021 through its cancellation policy.

Online Bookings Growth and Thriving Industry with a New Wave of Campers

Overall, the camping industry is growing and thriving because of the hard work campground owners put in. Campspot saw a 146-percent increase in online bookings last year. 

Camspot also announced it made strategic investments in 2021 that will carry over into the new year to help campground owners grow and succeed. The online marketplace for RV resorts, family campgrounds, an more grew its support team by 700 percent to make sure customers get answers faster and easier.

“We’re thrilled to celebrate the 940 new parks that joined Campspot this year and we look forward to growing together in the year to come,” the company said.


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