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Santa Clarita RV Park Owner Helps People Get Back on Their Feet

An RV park owner in Santa Clarita, California goes above and beyond to help those having trouble paying their rent by providing an affordable space where people can stay in their RVs.

“We’re a low-income RV park. We cater to people that are just getting going again. It’s a great feeling watching them get going,” Stewart Silver, owner of Cali Lake RV Resort, told local news.

Silver created the Cali Lake RV Resort to provide a place where RVs could be stored. Some people eventually wanted to stay in their own units.

“I actually bought a park and we grew from there,” Silver said. “We put in sewer, water, electric and free Wi-Fi and that’s what we still offer today.”

“I learned at a very young age that there’s no difference with me or anybody else. All people are created the same. And as long as I can, and it doesn’t affect me in any way, shape, or form, I’m going to continue to do it and keep on growing.”

Michelle Savino says most RV parks don’t allow older vehicles. Silver welcomed all.

Savino found Cali Lake RV Resort and contacted Silver.

“He said ‘get you and your family off the streets right now. We have a place for you’,” Savino declared.

Today, Savino along with her husband assist in managing the business.

The neighborhood is also home to Latonya Harvey and her family.

“We searched everywhere for a place to park our RV. We lost everything during this pandemic,” Harvey said. “He invests a lot of time and money into making sure that the people who live here are safe here. He’s done so much for this place in general. I don’t want to leave here. I’m comfortable right here.”

Apart from monthly stays, Cali Lake RV Resort also offers daily and weekly stays. The resort features lakefront sites with full hookups. For those who want to rough it,  as well as no hookup sites and tent camping sites for those who prefer to rough it.

The RV Resort features an on-site koi pond, a swimming pool, a dog park, a playground, a community barbecue, and more.

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Rebecca Morris
Rebecca Morris
April 12, 2024 6:09 am

Isn’t it amazing how Silver goes the extra mile by organizing events and workshops to bring people together at the resort? It’s heartwarming to see support and opportunities offered to residents!

May 13, 2024 9:33 am

Did you know that the Cali Lake RV Resort in Santa Clarita isn’t just about providing a place to stay? They also host awesome community events like BBQ nights and outdoor movie screenings. It’s a place where people come together, form connections, and make lasting memories while getting back on their feet.

May 18, 2024 5:42 am

Have you heard about Stewart Silver’s amazing work at Cali Lake RV Resort? He’s created a real sense of community with affordable accommodation and fun events. Such a warm and welcoming environment!


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