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News for September 28, 2022

Owners of Flood-Prone Site in California Looking into Building High-End Campground


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While the project idea hasn’t been officially submitted to the City of Napa (California), the owners of vacant 12.50-acre land along the flood-prone Milliken Creek are interested in building a high-end campground.

Site owner Parry Mead-Murray expressed interest in building a park during a meeting with the city’s planning commission last week to identify the zoning interpretation of the parcel.

According to a report, a team of four Napans has been brainstorming for an official plan for the past two years. They also said that the project would make building a previously approved four-home subdivision development at that site financially feasible.

The land for the prospective high-end campground is located on the west side of Silverado Trail, north of Milliken Creek and south of Hagen Road.

Plans for the development include a pool and outside lounge area, along with a large indoor and outdoor “modern barn” meeting space, bocce courts, a children’s playground, trails, group camping and tent space, and a selection of glamping units, a document Mead-Murray submitted to the city reveals.

While some community members expressed traffic concern in an email, the commissioners saw the project’s benefits.

“If we open the door to commercial campgrounds on residential property, we’re going to have all kinds of campground developers buying up residential property and putting them into profit-making ventures,” commissioner Bob Massaro said at the meeting.

This story originally appeared on Napa Valley Register.

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