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Fed Restrictions Extended for Cherry Reservoir and Rainbow Pool Day Use Area through 2024

The U.S. Forest Service has announced that existing federal restrictions on camping, cooking, building or maintaining campfires at Cherry Reservoir, as well as the federal ban on possessing or consuming alcohol at Rainbow Pool Day Use Area, have been extended through 2024. 

The decision was made to promote public safety, according to Stanislaus National Forest Supervisor Jason Kuiken.

At Cherry Reservoir, camping, cooking, and building or maintaining campfires on National Forest lands at, below, or within 100 feet above the Cherry high water mark, 4,702 feet elevation, and on the island within the reservoir are prohibited. The forest order aims to prevent potential wildfires and ensure the safety of visitors.

Meanwhile, the Rainbow Pool Alcohol Prohibition Area, which includes a designated boundary starting at Highway 120 and Forest Road 1S28 and extending to several other locations, continues to prohibit alcohol possession or consumption. 

This is to prevent alcohol-related incidents that could jeopardize public safety and the environment.

Visitors are advised to take note of the restrictions and to check the official orders for more detailed information. Topographic maps with shaded areas are also included in both orders for reference.

The extension of these restrictions aims to ensure that visitors can safely enjoy the beauty of the Stanislaus National Forest without endangering themselves or others.

The restrictions at Cherry Reservoir prohibit camping, cooking, and building or maintaining campfires on National Forest lands means that visitors who would have otherwise camped at Cherry Reservoir may now seek alternative camping options, such as private campgrounds nearby. 

This could result in increased demand for private campgrounds and a boost to their business.

On the other hand, the alcohol ban at Rainbow Pool Day Use Area could potentially deter some visitors who may have been interested in consuming alcohol during their visit. 

This could lead them to seek alternative locations where alcohol is permitted, including private campgrounds nearby that allow alcohol consumption.

Therefore, private campgrounds nearby may experience changes in demand and visitation patterns due to the extension of these federal restrictions. Some may benefit from increased demand, while others may see a decrease in visitors who are looking for a different type of experience.

Overall, it is important for private campgrounds to stay informed about these restrictions and how they may impact their business, and to adjust their marketing and operational strategies accordingly.

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Megan Collins
Megan Collins
April 4, 2024 7:52 am

Hey outdoor lovers! Great news at Stanislaus National Forest! The U.S. Forest Service is rolling out new programs for safety and eco-care. Let’s enjoy and learn together while we protect our nature playground!


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