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California’s Upper Lake Ranger Campground and Trails Temporarily Closed at Mendocino National Forest Due to Storms

In response to the significant storm damage and past wildfires, Mendocino National Forest officials have announced the closure of certain trails and the Deer Valley Campground within the Upper Lake Ranger District. 

This precautionary measure, effective from February 15 through June 30, aims to ensure public safety amidst the hazardous conditions created by high winds, heavy precipitation, and the aftermath of severe wildfires.

The decision to close National Forest System trails designated for off-highway vehicle (OHV) use, along with the campground, comes after the area experienced back-to-back winters of extraordinary rainfall and hurricane-force winds. These conditions have led to extensive damage, including downed trees and unsafe trails, posing significant risks to public safety and the environment. 

“The Upper Lake District has experienced severe wildfire, including the 2018 Ranch Fire, back-to-back winters where annual average rainfall is exceeded in just a few weeks, and hurricane-force winds recorded at weather stations,” Forest Supervisor Wade McMaster said, as quoted in a Lake County News report.

Efforts to assess and repair the damage are underway, with the OHV recreation program and volunteers playing a crucial role in restoring access to the affected campground and trail system.

“Right now, we wouldn’t be able to get emergency vehicles into the area in the event of an accident or search and rescue,” McMaster said.

“Protecting trails now gives us time to repair and recover from the storm damage sustained during this wet winter,” McMaster added.

The Upper Lake Ranger District offers a treasure trove of recreational facilities that cater to outdoor enthusiasts of all stripes. From the serenity of densely forested trails to the rustic charm of the Deer Valley Campground, this area is a haven for those seeking to immerse themselves in nature. 

Beyond the traditional camping and hiking experiences, the Upper Lake Ranger District is a hub for a variety of outdoor activities. Fishing enthusiasts can find solace along the banks of nearby streams, teeming with local fish species, while mountain bikers and horseback riders can explore miles of trails crafted to offer both challenge and tranquility. 

For updates and detailed information on forest orders related to the closures, visitors can check here.

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February 16, 2024 10:04 pm

Did you know that in addition to the closure of certain trails and the Deer Valley Campground, Mendocino National Forest officials are encouraging visitors to explore alternative recreation areas within the forest, such as the Stonyford Recreation Area, to experience the captivating beauty and outdoor activities the forest has to offer? Additionally, the forest officials are working closely with the OHV recreation program and volunteers to not only assess and repair the storm damage but also to enhance the overall recreational experience for visitors once the affected areas are restored. I think it’s a great opportunity for everyone to discover new areas within the forest and support the restoration efforts!

February 16, 2024 10:19 pm

It’s disheartening to hear about the closure, but there are other recreational options to explore. Join the volunteer programs to contribute to the restoration efforts and help reopen these trails and facilities for everyone’s enjoyment.

Mia Rain
Mia Rain
February 17, 2024 11:47 am

It’s regrettable that the trails and campground are closed, but safety and conservation are top priorities. While waiting for them to reopen, consider exploring other areas in the Mendocino National Forest. You could also lend a hand with the restoration efforts.

Sarah Moore
Sarah Moore
April 2, 2024 3:24 pm

Have you heard the latest about Mendocino National Forest’s Upper Lake Ranger District? It’s awesome to see the progress made by the OHV program and volunteers in restoring the area. Can’t wait for all of us outdoor lovers to enjoy a refreshed and safe experience soon!


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