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California Private Park Owners Face Regulatory Hurdles and Roadblocks

California’s RV and camping industry has seen significant growth, but private park operators face significant challenges in expanding their campsites to meet the growing demand. 

According to a press release, despite the economic benefits that campgrounds, RV parks, and resorts bring to communities, many cities and counties in California have made it difficult for private parks to expand or make improvements.

Dyana Kelley, the California Outdoor Hospitality Association (CalOHA) president, is working to address these challenges by alerting the California Recreation Vehicle Dealer Association (CalRVDA).

Speaking at the 2023 CalRVDA Summit in San Diego, Kelley emphasized the economic significance of the camping industry and highlighted the regulatory hurdles that private park operators face.

One of the most significant obstacles private park operators face is rezoning campgrounds and RV parks as “legal non-conforming” by the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors officials. 

This has made it harder for private parks to expand or make other improvements in areas such as Silicon Valley, where the demand for RVs and campsites is particularly high. Despite opposition from CalOHA, national ARVC, and Jellystone Park officials, county officials still took this action.

A national economic study commissioned by the RV Industry Association in 2015 found that the RV and campground industries provided $49.7 billion in direct economic output, including $2.2 billion in direct economic output for California alone.

Kelley has been working to strengthen CalOHA’s political strength by increasing its membership base and forming alliances with other tourism organizations. She serves on the California Travel Association’s government relations committee, where she raises the profile of the campground industry and develops positive working relationships with her peers in the tourism industry.

Despite her efforts, Kelley has called for more support from the RV industry associations as CalOHA continues to support the growth and expansion of the campground and RV park business in California. 

While the demand for RV camping in California is rising, regulatory hurdles and roadblocks by cities and counties make it challenging for private park operators to expand their campsites.

The economic benefits of the RV and campground industries are significant, making the continued growth and expansion of these businesses crucial for local communities.

It is essential to support these industries and work towards creating a more conducive regulatory environment that enables private park operators to expand their businesses and meet the growing demand for campsites.

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February 25, 2024 5:39 pm

Ever thought about the maze California private park owners must navigate through? It’s like mummies untangling themselves, only they’re stuck in red tape! These regulations are messier than earphones in your pocket and more puzzling than a cat meeting a Roomba! Imagine the chaos! Personally, I find it amusing to picture it all – a tangled web of rules and confusion that rivals even the most puzzling brain teasers!


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