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California Advances Environmental Goals with Phase 2 of Clean Truck Check Program

California is taking a significant step forward in environmental protection with the implementation of the Clean Truck Check Program by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). This initiative, stemming from Senate Bill 210, is a groundbreaking effort to reduce emissions from heavy-duty vehicles, a major contributor to air pollution.

Approved in 2021, the program is a response to the urgent need for cleaner air in California. It aims to ensure that heavy-duty vehicles, including trucks and buses, comply with stringent emission standards, thereby improving public health and advancing the state’s environmental objectives.

Phase 1, which began in January 2023, marked the program’s launch with roadside emissions testing. This phase was crucial for identifying high-emitting vehicles and setting the stage for stricter controls.

In October 2023, Phase 2 commenced, introducing vehicle registration and compliance fees. This phase requires fleet owners to report their vehicles in CARB’s database, a significant step in monitoring and managing emissions, as per a News & Insights report by the RV Industry Association (RVIA).

Looking ahead, Phase 3 will introduce periodic emissions testing, akin to California’s Smog Check for cars. This phase is expected to further tighten emission controls and ensure ongoing compliance.

The program’s primary goal is to reduce smog-forming and carcinogenic air pollution. It is particularly focused on benefiting disadvantaged communities that have been disproportionately affected by air pollution.

The program impacts a broad spectrum of vehicles, emphasizing the responsibility of fleet and individual vehicle owners in pollution reduction. Compliance is not just a regulatory requirement but a contribution to a healthier environment.

CARB provides extensive resources, including fact sheets and training, to assist stakeholders in understanding and meeting the program’s requirements. This support is vital for ensuring widespread compliance.

Non-compliance with the program can lead to significant consequences, including DMV registration holds and potential legal actions. CARB, in collaboration with the California Highway Patrol, oversees the enforcement of these regulations.

The Clean Truck Check Program aligns with federal air quality mandates, showcasing California’s commitment to national environmental standards and leadership in tackling air pollution.

CARB’s efforts extend beyond regulation, focusing on educating and engaging communities and stakeholders about the program. This outreach is key to the program’s success and widespread acceptance.


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