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Bakersfield River Run RV Park Goes High-Tech with Campy AI Chatbot Integration from Insider Perks

Insider Perks has introduced its state-of-the-art AI chatbot, Campy, to Bakersfield River Run RV Park (California). This integration signifies a transformative step in the realm of outdoor hospitality, leveraging technology to redefine the guest experience.

“We’re excited to bring Campy to Bakersfield River Run RV Park,” said Brian Searl, founder and CEO of Insider Perks.

Campy, designed to operate 24/7, offers guests instant responses to their queries, ranging from campground policies to nearby attractions. This digital concierge ensures that visitors receive accurate and timely information, enhancing their overall experience.

Campy is scalable, able to handle an unlimited number of inquiries simultaneously, ensuring that no potential customer is left waiting. It provides consistent, accurate information every time, enhancing the customer experience, leading to higher satisfaction, more positive reviews, and ultimately, more bookings.

The chatbot’s capabilities extend beyond just answering questions; it actively contributes to alleviating staff workloads.

“Campy is more than just a tool – it’s a revenue-generating powerhouse,” Searl added. We’ve seen RV parks save significant staff hours and increase their revenue by a substantial margin after implementing Campy. It’s not just about cutting costs – it’s about optimizing your operations and boosting your bottom line.”

Bakersfield River Run RV Park, nestled near Highway 99 and Rosedale Hwy in Bakersfield, CA, stands as a testament to luxury camping. Recognized in Big Rigs Best Bets and as a CampgroundViews.com featured RV park, Bakersfield River Run RV Park continues to set the standard for quality and innovation, now further enhanced by the integration of Campy, the cutting-edge AI chatbot designed to revolutionize customer service in the camping industry.

The park boasts resort-like sites equipped with 60-channel cable TV and Wi-Fi. 

Guests can indulge in a plethora of amenities, including a spacious recreation room, fitness center, pool with spa, and a fully-equipped kitchen club/meeting room. The integration of Campy further elevates the park’s commitment to offering a top-tier guest experience.

The advent of AI in the outdoor hospitality sector is not just a fleeting trend but a testament to the industry’s evolution. Campy’s launch at Bakersfield River Run RV Park underscores the vast potential of AI technology in reshaping the camping domain. As more campgrounds recognize the benefits of such technology, the industry is poised for a significant transformation.

For those interested in learning more about Campy or considering its integration, Brian Searl of Insider Perks can be reached at (216) 232-3105 or via email at [email protected]. Additionally, a live demo of Campy’s capabilities can be scheduled at calendly.com/briansearl/campy, offering a firsthand glimpse into its transformative potential.

Insider Perks’ commitment to innovation is further highlighted by the introduction of Roadie, an AI chatbot set to reshape the RV dealership landscape. This indicates the company’s continuous efforts to leverage AI technology in the outdoor hospitality sector.

The integration of AI chatbots in the outdoor hospitality industry, as exemplified by Campy’s deployment at Bakersfield River Run RV Park, signifies a transformative step towards enhancing customer service and operational efficiency. With companies like Insider Perks leading the charge, the future of the campground industry is set to be revolutionized by AI technology.

Featured image from Insider Perks.

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February 14, 2024 12:55 pm

Fascinating, I recently learned that Campy, the advanced chatbot at Bakersfield River Run RV Park, can provide personalized recommendations for nearby attractions. The new loyalty program rewards frequent visitors with exclusive perks, incentivizing guests to explore all that the park has to offer.


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