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Bowlus Unveils All-New 2025 Rivet™ Travel Trailer For Best Adventure Experience

Bowlus unveiled the Rivet, an addition to its lineup, designed for the adventurous yet luxury-seeking traveler. This new model maintains the brand’s iconic riveted aluminum aesthetic while introducing features aimed at rugged exploration without compromising luxury.

“Bowlus has a long history of building RVs for a lifetime of adventures, and the Rivet certainly delivers on the Bowlus standard of incredible build quality while also offering features for rugged experiences. Geneva Long, founder & CEO, said in a press release.

Priced at $148,500 post-tax credit, the Rivet distinguishes itself with a compact 25′ 3″ floor plan, offering durability and comfort. It includes a large bedroom with a king-sized bed, a luxury ensuite bathroom, and a spacious living room and kitchen, all designed to navigate challenging terrains while providing a luxurious camping experience.

“We don’t spend time with cute concepts as a privately held company. Instead, we do the tough work to make things happen, which means we deliver durable features that speak directly to RV owners,” Long said.

The Rivet’s power management system is robust, featuring yacht-quality 8 kWh lithium batteries and up to 660 W of solar power generation, allowing for extended off-grid stays under any conditions. Its power system supports all onboard appliances off-grid, including air conditioning and heating, thanks to the Bowlus Power Management System and AeroSolar™ technology. Additionally, a three-inch lift kit and all-terrain tires enhance its off-road capabilities, ensuring accessibility to a wide range of camping sites.

The interior of the Rivet, named Onyx, showcases a dynamic and bold design with matte black details and performance materials, providing a unique and luxurious aesthetic. 

With a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 3,500 lbs, the Rivet is highlighted as an aerodynamic RV on the market, compatible with a broad array of towing vehicles, including electric vehicles like the Tesla Model Y. This compatibility ensures efficient towing, optimizing range and fuel consumption.

A pioneering feature of the Rivet is the AeroMove™, a self-propelled, self-powered, and remote-controlled system that allows the RV to navigate challenging terrains and tight spaces with ease. This feature, available for an additional $10,000, represents a significant advancement in RV technology, offering unprecedented maneuverability and convenience for users.

Featured image by Bowlus via bowlus.com

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