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Blue Water Announces Management Partnerships with CityStreet Residential, Excel Commercial Real Estate

Blue Water, a leader in hospitality and real estate development, has announced new management partnerships with CityStreet Residential and Excel Commercial Real Estate. This collaboration signifies a strategic expansion of Blue Water’s influence in the RV resort sector.

Blue Water is set to take over the management of RV assets from both CityStreet Residential, which operates under the Jetstream RV Resorts brand, and Excel Commercial Real Estate. This initiative is poised to enhance operational efficiencies, upgrade amenities, and elevate guest experiences across the board.

CityStreet Residential’s Jetstream RV Resorts brand is known for its upscale offerings in the Texas market. Excel Commercial Real Estate, on the other hand, brings to the table a diverse portfolio that includes not only RV resorts but also office spaces, manufactured housing, and retail establishments, primarily located in Texas.

Todd Burbage, CEO of Blue Water, expressed enthusiasm about the partnerships.. According to Burbage, these partnerships will allow Blue Water to enhance the quality of its services and expand its reach, ultimately benefiting RV enthusiasts nationwide.

“We aim to create a new standard of excellence in the outdoor hospitality industry. These strategic partnerships allow us to not only elevate the quality of our offerings but also expand our reach, providing unparalleled experiences for RV enthusiasts across the nation,” Burbage said. 

Derick Craig, president of CityStreet Residential, echoed this sentiment. He praised Blue Water’s exceptional reputation and commitment to excellence, which he believes make them an ideal partner. Craig anticipates that this collaboration will lead to enhanced performance of their resorts and unforgettable RV experiences for guests.

The partnership is expected to bring a new level of service, amenities, and experiences to the RV resort industry. Blue Water’s goal is to set new benchmarks in the sector and strengthen its position as a leader in outdoor hospitality.

Founded in 2002, Blue Water has established itself as a specialist in investing, developing, and managing a variety of properties, including RV resorts, campgrounds, hotels, and attractions. The company’s integrated approach to marketing, revenue management, and operations has quickly made it a notable name in the hospitality industry.

Blue Water’s portfolio includes numerous resort-area properties along the East Coast, from Maine to Florida. The company has also expanded its presence to the western United States, with properties in Texas, Montana, and Oregon. Blue Water’s commitment extends beyond business growth, focusing on creating elite assets, delivering exceptional guest experiences, and positively impacting the communities it serves.

This partnership marks a significant development in the outdoor hospitality industry, particularly for RV resorts, campgrounds, hotels, and attractions. By assuming management of these new assets, Blue Water is poised to bring its expertise and innovative approach to a broader market. This expansion not only benefits the company but also sets a new standard for guest experiences in the industry.

The collaboration between Blue Water, CityStreet Residential, and Excel Commercial Real Estate is a testament to the growing importance of strategic partnerships in enhancing the quality and reach of hospitality services. As the outdoor hospitality sector continues to evolve, such alliances are likely to play a crucial role in shaping its future.

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April 6, 2024 1:11 am

RV enthusiasts! Isn’t it exciting news? Blue Water’s teaming up with CityStreet Residential and Excel Commercial Real Estate to bring luxury and innovation to Texas. Get ready for unforgettable adventures and top-notch services as we set new standards in outdoor hospitality. Join us for exceptional RV experiences nationwide!


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