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ASA Electronics’ Progressive Step in RV Technical Training: Endorsing the RV Technical Institute’s Level 3 Curriculum

In the heart of Elkhart, Indiana, ASA Electronics stands as a beacon of innovation in the RV industry. Known for its pioneering spirit, ASA Electronics has carved a niche for itself as a leader in the development and provision of high-quality electronic products tailored for mobile environments, including the bustling world of recreational vehicles (RVs).

Parallel to ASA Electronics’ journey is the RV Technical Institute (RVTI), an esteemed institution dedicated to elevating the standards of technical training in the RV industry. 

The institute serves as a cornerstone for professional development, offering comprehensive training programs that are instrumental in shaping the future of RV servicing and maintenance.

Recently, ASA Electronics took a significant step by endorsing RVTI’s Level 3 Curriculum. This curriculum, a meticulous compilation of advanced training modules, focuses extensively on control systems, a critical component in modern RVs, as per the News & Insights report of the RV Industry Association.

The endorsement marks a pivotal moment in the industry, reflecting a commitment to technical excellence and innovation.

The Level 3 Curriculum stands out for its in-depth focus on control systems, an area that has become increasingly complex and integral to RV functionality. ASA Electronics, with its expertise in electronic systems, recognizes the importance of equipping technicians with the knowledge and skills to navigate these sophisticated systems confidently.

The curriculum is designed to demystify the often intimidating world of RV technology. By breaking down complex concepts into manageable sections, it builds a foundation of understanding and confidence among technicians. 

This approach not only enhances their diagnostic abilities but also fosters a deeper appreciation of the intricacies of RV electronic systems.

Feedback from technicians who have undergone the Level 3 training is overwhelmingly positive. They report a heightened sense of engagement and a clear improvement in their skill sets. The curriculum caters to a broad spectrum of abilities, ensuring that both novice and experienced technicians find value in the training.

For ASA Electronics, the endorsement of this curriculum is more than just a corporate initiative; it’s a strategic move to reinforce its brand as a leader in RV electronics. By fostering a well-informed technician community, the company not only enhances its customer service but also contributes to elevating the overall standards of the RV industry.

The RV Technical Institute is committed to keeping its curriculum dynamic and up-to-date. New courses are regularly added, ensuring that the training remains relevant in an ever-evolving industry. This ongoing development opens doors for suppliers to become accredited training providers, further expanding the reach and impact of the program.

The endorsement by ASA Electronics is part of a larger trend in the RV industry towards specialized and advanced training. Other companies, like Lippert, are also recognizing and supporting the Level 3 Curriculum, indicating a collective move towards higher technical standards and expertise in the industry.

ASA Electronics’ endorsement of the Institute’s Level 3 Curriculum is a testament to the company’s dedication to quality and excellence in the RV industry. It not only underscores their commitment to technical advancement but also highlights the industry’s collective effort to enhance the skills and knowledge of RV technicians

This initiative is a significant step towards ensuring that the RV industry continues to thrive on innovation and technical proficiency, setting new benchmarks for quality and service in the world of recreational vehicles.


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