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Arvie Launches First Centralized Camping Booking Platform

Online travel platform Arvie has announced its official launch. It is now open to the general public in time for the summer camping season.

The company helps travelers locate, compare, and book the most suitable campsites for their camping needs with real-time updates on a modern and centralized interface, as per a press release.

In 2021, there were around 56 million camping reservations made in America. But the camping community has mainly been unserved by an unreliable booking process, the release continued.

Photo courtesy of Arvie.

The new online subscription-based travel platform uses cutting-edge technologies in search engines that take tedious decision-making out of the process of booking campsites and RV parks. Before Arvie’s entry into the market, the simple “centralized search and book” option for camping sites did not exist.

“Campers are sick and tired of spending inordinate amounts of time to find, compare and book campsites,” said Arvie Founder and President Mark Petersen. 

“With Arvie, campers are finally in control of their destination. They can forget the disorganized planning attempts of the past and skip multiple website visits with instant booking access to thousands of campsites in America. The launch of Arvie is like letting our camping community in on an industry secret, so they can truly get away and live in the moment.”

Arvie is designed to meet the needs of the increasing number of people in the U.S. who are recreational or avid campers, along with the surge of pandemic-fueled new campers who have embraced the RV lifestyle.

The online booking site provides unique solutions for contemporary camping issues, including record camp crowding, weekend wanderlust, last-minute cancellations at desirable park destinations, etc.

Arvie Highlights:

  • Multi-Platform Real-Time Availability – The camping industry has no centralized place where real-time campground availability is displayed to prospective travelers. Arvie’s team of agents uses its proprietary search engine to rapidly check availability for interesting locations, including more than 4,000 campgrounds across the US. Additionally, Arvie has 3x as many instantly bookable campsites as the next major competitor.
  • One-Click Booking – Arvie makes it easy to complete a camping reservation with one-click booking – eliminating tedious registration forms and booking fees. Custom Arvie profiles expedite the booking process and relieve the stress and struggle of filtering and searching through thousands of camping locations to find the best fit for RV travelers’ specific requirements.
  • Sold Out Search with Insta-Book – Competition for campgrounds is fierce, and spots are often fully booked months ahead. However, unpredictable cancellations happen. Arvie’s “Sold Out Search” (SOS) monitors sold-out campgrounds for cancellations 24/7 and then automatically books (or notifies depending on preference) with “Insta-book” the second it becomes available – even while you sleep.

Arvie Members have to pay $14.95 per month to use all services. They are not charged any additional cost for booking or convenience, delivering the exact amount as if they made the booking through the RV campgrounds website.

The Arvie platform is constantly improving its customer experience based on real-time feedback and rapidly adding new campground options. It is currently accessible on desktop and mobile, with a dedicated app in the works for launch later this year.

Please visit Arvie.com to sign up for a limited 30-day free trial for more information. 

Featured image from Arvie.


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